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James Olson replied to Leigh Semilof's discussion Hanging Lincrusta
"It's been a long time since I've been introduced to something completely new.  I've never heard of Lincrusta.  I'm not sure if I've ever seen it. Thanks. Check out Artistic Designs:…"
58 minutes ago
Phil replied to Leigh Semilof's discussion Hanging Lincrusta
"Lincrusta is such a rare product that I bet it is a special order at best, likely online order product.  In my town your only move would be to network and talk to old home owners to find the contractors who could do it.   Maybe…"
13 hours ago
Lair Tienter replied to Leigh Semilof's discussion Hanging Lincrusta
"If you are buying the Lincrusta locally you might ask the store if they know of any good installers.  That would be my suggestion.  Lair"
16 hours ago
Leigh Semilof posted a discussion

Hanging Lincrusta

Hello, I have been a subscriber to Old House Jpurnal since I moved into my 1870 Italianate in 1991. It was a rent a wreck heading for demolition. Not the fanciest of it's breed but in my price range and I like a challenge. Well, after 23 years I am…See More
21 hours ago
Mark W. Hoffa replied to PStewart's discussion Should the ceiling be stenciled or left clear?
"I'm with Lair the current light fixture needs to go! LOL!! WOW you did a great job! Glad to hear you went with the star pattern. It looked a little plain. And I like the green with gold stars. IMHO :) You might consider painting the…"
23 hours ago
Andy Streenz replied to John Dingman's discussion What do you call this door knob/latch?
"very interesting!  Thanks for the post!"
John Dingman replied to John Dingman's discussion What do you call this door knob/latch?
"If anyone's interested, here's pictures of the rest of the components. "
Mark W. Hoffa replied to Nina Smith's discussion load bearing porch box column - hollow!
"The wood is working in the strongest direction (vertical compression with the grain; think of how a tree grows) which is why you don't have any problems . The columns look in good shape. That said if you could remove one side of the…"


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Old House Forum

Hanging Lincrusta 3 Replies

Hello, I have been a subscriber to Old House Jpurnal since I moved into my 1870 Italianate in 1991. It was a rent a wreck heading for demolition. Not the fanciest of it's breed but in my price range and I like a challenge. Well, after 23 years I am finally getting ready to put a much needed bathroom upstairs . I would very much like to put in Lincrusta in the form of Dado panels around the walls but am hesitant to tackle the project myself. Why, because it's very expensive and I have not had…Continue

Started by Leigh Semilof in Old Houses: Pre-1900. Last reply by James Olson 58 minutes ago.

Should the ceiling be stenciled or left clear? 8 Replies

All -    I'm having a difficult conundrum here. The original plan for this dining room was to have an orderly starfield pattern (with small metallic stencils) on the ceiling. Also a stenciled medallion. However, once I made the wood paneling and also stenciled the frieze panel, Im unsure if adding a starfield pattern to the ceiling would strengthen the room, or weaken it because of features competing for attention. Im also not entirely sold on the green center vs the rookwood red surround, but…Continue

Started by PStewart in Old Houses: Pre-1900. Last reply by Mark W. Hoffa 23 hours ago.

What do you call this door knob/latch? 16 Replies

I have several of these throughout my house. I wanted to order a replacement part for one but I can't find this same knob & latch anywhere online or in catalogs, in part because I don't know the proper name for it.Continue

Tags: latch, knob, Door

Started by John Dingman in Old Houses: Pre-1900. Last reply by Andy Streenz yesterday.

load bearing porch box column - hollow! 1 Reply

I have a house built in 1914. The front porch is about 12ft x 25ft. It has 2 tapered box columns, one on each corner. They are constructed of 1x (Fir I believe) and nailed on the corners. I had believed that these were cosmetic and that there was a structural post inside these columns. I just found out that this is not the case. This is one big, heavy porch (slate roof). I'm mystified as to how it is still standing. Is this ok? Or should I add posts in the middle?…Continue

Tags: support, hollow, column, porch

Started by Nina Smith in Old Houses: 1900-1945. Last reply by Mark W. Hoffa yesterday.

termite damage

I was renovating my room this weekend and when I pulled down the outside wall I noticed that termites had munch on my house. The damage seems to be confined for the most part to the bottom 2x4 at the top of the wall. Do I need to treat the wood at all? I have real 2x4 redwood studs. Or do I just treat it for dry rot and make sure there is no structural damage? Thanks, MikeContinue

Started by Michael Cozad in Old Houses: 1900-1945 yesterday.

Victorian Dining Room Almost Reborn 2 Replies

 Even on Easter the house doesn't end!! Dining Room Update. Ceiling finished (in 1880's/1890s Aesthetic Movement stencil -- custom cut!) and server brought in. The same corner.Back in 2008 and today in 2014.Almost everything in this is hand made. I am so excited!(yeah, I went for the Star Field stencil).…Continue

Started by PStewart in Old Houses: Pre-1900. Last reply by PStewart on Sunday.

Green Wall Board circa 1910 2 Replies

I am stripping wall paper in a northern Michigan circa 1910 Farmhouse.  The wall board is a rough green wall board that I have never seen before.  Anyone have any clue what it is?  How I can seal it after the wall paper is down for painting or re wallpapering?  I was surprised that the walls weren't wet plaster, but then thought this is was such a rural area back then, in the middle of the area where forests were being cut down in the early 1900's.  I am not surprised.  But have not clue what…Continue

Started by Pamela Christie in Old Houses: 1900-1945. Last reply by Pamela Christie on Sunday.

What's the worst thing a contractor has done to your house? 11 Replies

We're looking for homeowner horror stories for the June issue of Old House Journal—specifically about contractors gone awry. Share your tales of woe here! (Bonus: If we pick your story for the magazine, we'll tell you how to fix it, too.)Continue

Started by Clare Martin in The Old-House Attic. Last reply by James Olson on Saturday.

Exciting Historical Purchase and Renovation Project in Las Vegas, New Mexico

I am posting this here as we are all interested in renovation of historic properties, but also because we enjoy the beauty and love they also represent.This has really got the historical preservation folks in our town excited, but it also has the rest of the folk as well. Not only will a well known Fred Harvey Hotel (Castaneda) be saved, but it will attract people to visit and businesses to be established.Some Pix:…Continue

Started by Bill Hendrickson in Old Houses: Pre-1900 on Saturday.

Rain Water/Snow Melt/Water Diversions 12 Replies

Readers; Here we go again, Project Number-Gee- I forget!  First the details; I have a 'carriage house' stuck on the edge of my 1860 house, with a 'salt box' style roof. It is low enough at the back that I can reach up and touch the edge of the roof. The bldg. is set on  a low cement wall, about 06 inches high. At the moment, the floor of the bldg. will flood every spring and every heavy rain.  Now here is my 'cure' and please tell me if I am 'all wet' and should try something else!  First off,…Continue

Started by Mr. Charles ANTHONY in Old House How-To. Last reply by James Olson on Friday.

Blog Posts

Arts & Crafts or Coastal Style?

Our new lakefront cottage has a vintage look and I am trying to decide if an Arts & Crafts look or a Coastal look is more appropriate. I think an Arts & Crafts look is tougher to pull off but I really respect and admire that style. A coastal look may be more suitable to something that is lakefront and is easier with all that wicker and white paint.  Any thoughts? I have attached a picture of the front. …


Posted by Terry Spencer on October 15, 2012 at 11:13am — 8 Comments

Cheap Winter Window Fix

I have turn of the early 1900's "replacement" windows and good old aluminum storms.  Drinking straws make wonderful, easily removed gaskets.  They even fit in the storm window bottoms.  When I close a window, its tight! 

Posted by lyn joy on October 1, 2012 at 8:45am — 2 Comments

Imminent Teardown of an Historic Home


Yet another of New England’s early saltbox homes has recently been condemned to teardown in the name of commercialism and historically insensitive…


Posted by John Poole on September 26, 2012 at 1:30am — 6 Comments

House style

Picture%202.pngWhat do you think is the style of my Victorian house?

Most say it is in the Gothic Victorian style due to the arched windows and front double door and the quoins in the corners.

Posted by gary minnick on September 19, 2012 at 5:00pm — 4 Comments

Old-House Online

Friendly Kitchen in a 1912 Foursquare

You might say that Julia Hanfling has been stewarding this house in Portland’s Colonial Heights since she was 14 years old. That’s when she took it upon herself to “rescue” the door hardware from a neighboring house about to be razed by a developer. She carried the items home and then installed the vintage hardware [...]

Fancy Painted & Cottage Furniture

From the mid-1600s to the mid-1800s, paint was the humble medium of choice for embellishing furniture. Painted furniture was not just a country or folk art phenomenon, but was also de rigueur in fashionable urban homes. A new finish could disguise inferior woods, visually unify objects made of varied woods, and update out-of-style pieces. Paint [...]

Romantic 1920s Bayou Bungalow

The Louisiana vernacular meets suburban bungalow in this well-tended house in Lake Charles, in the southwest corner of the state. Its low gabled roof overhanging a spacious porch, horizontal windows, and exposed rafter ends are bungalow basics; the straight-through center hall recalls shotgun houses. Inside, the treatment is more cottage than Craftsman. Early 19th-century country [...]

How to Choose the Right Paint Color

During a century that witnessed at least five major architectural movements and the birth of interior design—all before 1950—color palettes went in and out of fashion. Some looked to the past, while others looked to the future with formulas based on new technologies like plastics or chrome. Some hues consistently reappear, only to look fresh [...]

New Classic Kitchen in a Cape Cod Federal

When a new kitchen meets an old house, start with black and white. In this Cape Cod Federal house built in 1844, the classic white cabinets with wide stiles and rails are handsome and evoke styles from colonial to Arts & Crafts. They are grounded with natural soapstone countertops in a very dark charcoal. This [...]


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