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Tom owns a Barber #1 replied to Tom owns a Barber #1's discussion Floor adhesive pains
"Dry ice, wow! Great suggestion on Halloween even. Good point on the heat - the spots that is does pop off it breaks away clean. Having done 40 some odd windows i am rather proficient, however, the dynamite would tend to be counterproductive. Thanks…"
16 hours ago
Franz replied to Tom owns a Barber #1's discussion Floor adhesive pains
"Try a block of dry ice to freeze it to brittle.  Move the ice and you may be able to scrape the adhesive off in chunks fairly easily. Heat will only make it penetrate the floor boards. Dynamite tends to be hard on the windows."
Tom owns a Barber #1 posted a discussion

Floor adhesive pains

After removing the luan and then masonite, we have 'most' of the floor with the original linoleum "dress up" and it has a tar like adhesive underneath. Question: what do we use to remove that tar (it is black color and hard in spots) from the old…See More
Tempwave replied to Tempwave's discussion Restoring Front Porch on 1909 Home
"Well I found out we matched the original design! When I removed the last two tails off the house there was a circular oval ghost formed when the house was painted around the tail. They are all cut,routed and sanded now I have to prime and paint…"
Mal & Greg replied to Yves Mailhot's discussion Advice on cleaning up hand hewn logs (inside)
"Hi.  We did a lot of log cleaning with our previous house.  We used deck cleaner/ brightener,  any brand with oxalic acid in it.  You'll probably have to hand scrape the worst of the lime off,  but all the mildew, old…"
caseypratt replied to psychochix's discussion Replacing sash pins
"I would try this: remove the sash and use a punch from the outer edge to get it started. If it's the tubular thin metal housing, perhaps pick at it to loosen the paint bond so the molded sash edge does not get torn out when you drive it. They…"
Diamond Dixon replied to Diamond Dixon's discussion Oil to Gas Heat
"Thank you so much for taking the time to help me.  I have not decided what to do at this time.  Recently there has been a decrease in the price of oil.  I think I will stay with oil until I have satisfied myself with a proper…"
Franz replied to Yves Mailhot's discussion Advice on cleaning up hand hewn logs (inside)
"Pick a small spot to experiment on and try an acid wash. Vinegar may work well, and will at least give you an indication of the effectiveness of acid washing. If that doesn't work you'll probably need to move up to media blasting…"


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Old House Forum

Floor adhesive pains 2 Replies

After removing the luan and then masonite, we have 'most' of the floor with the original linoleum "dress up" and it has a tar like adhesive underneath. Question: what do we use to remove that tar (it is black color and hard in spots) from the old pine original floor boards? Heat, thinner, dynamite...?This 'looks' to be original to the house as we have seen a shadow are where the linoleum cut around the original baker's cabinet or pantry built in. if this matters.Continue

Started by Tom owns a Barber #1 in Old Houses: Pre-1900. Last reply by Tom owns a Barber #1 16 hours ago.

Restoring Front Porch on 1909 Home 19 Replies

Hello,I'm working to restore the front porch of my 1909 home. It appears at one time there were brackets between the posts. You can see where the paint was removed that there were decorative items mounted. I'd like to find something that respects the four square style and the period it was built. We are in a neighborhood with various Arthur Pillsbury homes, but have not been able to locate any photos of our home. Any ideas what the brackets and rafter tails may have looked like? We were…Continue

Started by Tempwave in Old Houses: 1900-1945. Last reply by Tempwave yesterday.

Advice on cleaning up hand hewn logs (inside) 2 Replies

Hi, I am trying to figure out the best way to clean logs that used to be covered by plaster  and some lime (see picture). I'm thinking some attachment on an angle grinder might work but I really don't want to damage the wood. Thank you.Continue

Started by Yves Mailhot in Old Houses: Pre-1900. Last reply by Mal & Greg on Wednesday.

Replacing sash pins 1 Reply

Need a little advice on the best way to replace the old sash pins in my windows. The old pins are frozen and/or dis functional. I was able to get the old pins out, but the sleeves are still in the sashes. Any easy way to get then out without wrecking the hole for the pin? I do have new pins to install. I've done this process before, but am looking for any tips or tricks. I've gotten them out before, but usually in pieces and with a lot of frustration. The glass is out of the sashes so no…Continue

Started by psychochix in Old Houses: Pre-1900. Last reply by caseypratt on Wednesday.

Oil to Gas Heat 18 Replies

Hi this is my first post.  I have a two family house built in 1923.  I have oil steam heat using the cast iron radiators.  I am in process of changing my heating system from oil to gas; which I believe would be much cheaper.  I made several inquiries from contractors and have been given confusing information.  1.    You can use your 10 year boiler and convert to gas using a gas gun which would cost less than buying a new boiler.2.  Buy a new efficient gas boiler which would be better  in the…Continue

Started by Diamond Dixon in Old Houses: Pre-1900. Last reply by Diamond Dixon on Wednesday.

teriple track storm windows

Does anyone know where I can buy new (or old but working) triple track storm windows?Mine are coming apart at the corners, several of the pins that hold the storm or screen in are broken, many of the storm windows won't close all the way at the top or sides.  A couple of years ago a company that said they could solve these problems but they actually made them worse with now several windows being almost impossible to slide up or down because the frames are out of line.I now also have wonderful…Continue

Started by Julia Steed Mawson in Old Houses: Pre-1900 on Wednesday.

old cistern question 2 Replies

I have a problem  (of course!). My kitchen drain pipe goes into the basement, where it empties into a tile which leads outside to the cistern. Yesterday, I noticed it was backing up into the basement, and ran a hose through the tile to try to open it up.The blockage is about 7 feet from the house, and so I went out to the access tile, which is also blocked up. After trying to wash  it out with the hose, I finally decided to stick my arm down in there to see if I could feel anything.(I would not…Continue

Started by Shelley Reimer in Old Houses: Pre-1900. Last reply by Shelley Reimer on Wednesday.

Looking for a chandelier 8 Replies

Hello. New to the forum. We just bought this house and are looking for a chandelier to keep continuity. I have attached a picture of what we are looking for. Any ideas? Thankschand.jpgContinue

Started by mike adelmann in Old Houses: Pre-1900. Last reply by Will H on Monday.

What style of house is this/ whats wrong here? 4 Replies


Started by Kim G in Old Houses: Pre-1900. Last reply by Kim G on Monday.

Replumbing a House 19 Replies

      So next year’s “structural” project is to get the house replumbed as I have original galvanized black pipes in my 1909 house.  All the work will be done on the first floor and dug out crawl space underneath the house.  My question is what kind of pipe(s) should be used?  PVC, copper, PEX or a combination of both? I live in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia and no have radiators or a boiler to deal with if that helps with the decision on what type of pipes to use.  Another question is…Continue

Started by Amanda Stroud in Old Houses: 1900-1945. Last reply by Bill Hendrickson Oct 25.

Blog Posts

Arts & Crafts or Coastal Style?

Our new lakefront cottage has a vintage look and I am trying to decide if an Arts & Crafts look or a Coastal look is more appropriate. I think an Arts & Crafts look is tougher to pull off but I really respect and admire that style. A coastal look may be more suitable to something that is lakefront and is easier with all that wicker and white paint.  Any thoughts? I have attached a picture of the front. …


Posted by Terry Spencer on October 15, 2012 at 11:13am — 8 Comments

Cheap Winter Window Fix

I have turn of the early 1900's "replacement" windows and good old aluminum storms.  Drinking straws make wonderful, easily removed gaskets.  They even fit in the storm window bottoms.  When I close a window, its tight! 

Posted by lyn joy on October 1, 2012 at 8:45am — 2 Comments

Imminent Teardown of an Historic Home


Yet another of New England’s early saltbox homes has recently been condemned to teardown in the name of commercialism and historically insensitive…


Posted by John Poole on September 26, 2012 at 1:30am — 6 Comments

House style

Picture%202.pngWhat do you think is the style of my Victorian house?

Most say it is in the Gothic Victorian style due to the arched windows and front double door and the quoins in the corners.

Posted by gary minnick on September 19, 2012 at 5:00pm — 4 Comments

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