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Olivia Sykes posted a blog post

6 Things to do before your hire a professional carpet cleaner

With the changing of the seasons many people undertake a big…See More
20 hours ago
Mike Viselli replied to Mike Viselli's discussion Broken Mortise Lock case
"This Forum is amazing and it's the members who make it that way. Thanks to Rachel, Mark, Andy and so many others for your comments. Had to work on a different project, which ate up a lot of time, but that is gone/sold and now it's back to…"
Andy Streenz replied to Mike Viselli's discussion Broken Mortise Lock case
"I am pretty certain that "Rachel" is a thinly veiled ad, promoting ""A good locksmith won't recommend replacing the lock with a shiny new one, although adding a modern deadbolt above the antique lock is…"
Mark W. Hoffa commented on Patricia Snyder's blog post what is the purpose of this large hole in my cellar?
"Its for a sump pump. You can see the French drain leading from the wall into the sump. Hopefully as there is no pump installed, there is no need for a pump. Is the bottom of the pit dry?"
Mark W. Hoffa replied to Mike Viselli's discussion Broken Mortise Lock case
"Wow Rachel you have missed the whole point. We love old houses. You cant find a beautiful lock like that from any locksmith today. If you want a new lock, buy a new house. On top of that I have rarely seen a locksmith "improve" a door with…"
Rachel replied to Mike Viselli's discussion Broken Mortise Lock case
"I am wondering why you wont ask local locksmith to improve your door?! Good professional will make it in few minutes and you will have safety nights!"
Angela Smith posted a blog post

Must-Have Features of Your Next Storage Unit

Organizing consultant and author, Marie Kondo, once said, “it’s human nature to take the easy route and leap at storage methods that promise quick and convenient ways to remove visible clutter”. Though she primarily works out of Japan her wisdom…See More
Demi Giles posted a blog post

Homemade cleaning detergents from pantry items

To clean your home doesn't always mean to full one bag of detergents,…See More



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Old House Forum

Broken Mortise Lock case 21 Replies

Hi Everyone,New to this website but not new to redoing or repairing old house, old car, furniture, etc., My wife and I recently purchased an old entry door at an Antique show. It will eventually be a usable and very nice piece, now the "However" part. The door handle is curved with a thumb tab to open the door with a beautiful backing plate. The Mortise Lock inside is the dilemma and a new area for me. After removing the lock I found that the lock case is in five pieces. I've heard somewhere…Continue

Started by Mike Viselli in Old House How-To. Last reply by Mike Viselli on Thursday.

Is it possible to un-warp a door? 19 Replies

Hey everyone! I noticed that some of my interior doors are kind of warped. I would say quite a few and have been for a number of years. It seems that they start to bend inward toward the interior of a room from about the top to about 6 inches down.  Some doors, when you shut them, they bend above and below where the mortise lock is located.  I am not sure if heat or moisture caused this to happen. But, is there anyway I could "fix" it? A few were bad enough that the center horiz. brace in the…Continue

Started by Martin in Old House How-To. Last reply by Rachel Oct 14.

RE: article on upgrading to radiant floor heat 2 Replies

My 2 story has ideal hidden south facing roof for radiant panels and a small solar panel to power a recirc pump loop between the panel and attic mount water tanks (for thermal mass/temp buffering).I have been installing 1/2 pex between new leveled subfloor, on approx 8" centers, with new hardwood on top. I put thin foam and aluminium foil underneath to insulate and reflect heat up instead of into the crawlspace. Hope to complete first floor this winter and get panels and water tanks done in the…Continue

Tags: heat, floor, radiant, solar

Started by india white in Old Houses: 1900-1945. Last reply by Walden Smith Oct 14.

Old pipe sticking down out of ceilings! What are they and how do I get rid of them? 11 Replies

I have short, little pipes sticking out of my living room and kitchen ceilings - both next to where ceiling fans have been previously installed. I'm getting ready to paint and replace the dated fans. My house was built in 1903. What are these pipes and how can I remove or hide them?Continue

Started by Angela Larck in Old House How-To. Last reply by Walden Smith Oct 14.

Tuck pointing or filling very deep holes in stone foundation in difficult to access area 3 Replies

I have a house in Cincinnati, Ohio USA that was built in 1904.  The mortar in the stone foundation is pretty good on three sides of the house and I am able to tuck point any problems fairly easily.However on the front of the the house the stone foundation has probably NEVER been tuck pointed and there are enormous holes as deep as 6 inches or more.  There is a porch above it making it extremely difficult to get to the foundation to do the work.  I'm guessing that the work would need to be done…Continue

Started by Dave Schwinn in Old Houses: 1900-1945. Last reply by Dave Schwinn Oct 13.

Liquid vinyl spray 2 Replies

Hello all,, new member, with a few questions. I have 100+ yr old church with large wooden louvers about 3 stories up on the bell tower. Pastor wants new ones fabricated out of  some " non wood" product. But, I thought maybe a spray applied vinyl. my questions are....1........Is there such a product , not paint.2........If there is such a thing , how much of a pain in the butt to use.3........Where do I find such a thingDon't know much about the new technology on the market there days. Any and…Continue

Started by william c. dalton in Old Houses: Pre-1900. Last reply by Phil Oct 12.

could these maybe be Portieres? 15 Replies

I'm trying to clean out my junk bldg. and in the process trying to I uncovered these pcs earlier  and believe you me, don't have a clue unless they are panels of curtains for a lodge or something....anyone know anything about something like this or where I might find info?  They are just too unique to be hidden away in a box somewhere.....hopefully I can find out what they are and find then find someone who'd like to purchase them....Thanks...Bob in KY (looks like I can only add…Continue

Started by Bob Mason in Old Houses: Pre-1900. Last reply by psychochix Oct 10.

Historic Paint? 3 Replies

I have an Arts and Crafts 1908 stone gatehouse which needs a lot of work! The question I have is about the paint found on the walls. It bled through the wallpaper (a later addition) and found what appears to be brown milk paint. It is very thick and glossy. It also appears that perhaps there was a lincrusta covering on the bottom with the wood molding then the brown paint above. What should I use to coat over the old paint on top? I'm wondering if anything will stick to such a glossy surface.…Continue

Started by Peter Mack in Old Houses: 1900-1945. Last reply by Robert Chickey Oct 6.

Furnace/Radiators question - House built in 1895 5 Replies

Hello All,I am a first time home buyer, *this* close to making an offer on a house built in 1895.My husband and I are very artistic and handy and are looking forward to restoring, recycling, and upcycling as mush as possible.The one thing I find daunting about this house is the furnace/radiators were all drained a few years ago so the current owner has never used the system. He bought the house on a foreclosure intending to fix it up but never found the time. I don't have photos of the furnace…Continue

Started by Karin Deal in Old Houses: Pre-1900. Last reply by Phil Oct 6.

DIY brick cleaning - any tips or advice? 6 Replies

We recently purchased a yellow brick home (1894), and need to clean the bricks to address decades (a century?) of dirt and pollution. The home is yellow brick, and the mortar is in good condition. We had a mason come and quote brick cleaning while he was rebuilding our chimneys (did a great job). He also did a test patch and it worked out brilliantly. Unfortunately, while the quote was very reasonable for Toronto, it was still thousands of dollars. I'm currently looking into the DIY option…Continue

Tags: DIY, pollution, brick_cleaning

Started by The Doctor's House in Old House How-To. Last reply by KatieM Oct 6.

Blog Posts

Arts & Crafts or Coastal Style?

Our new lakefront cottage has a vintage look and I am trying to decide if an Arts & Crafts look or a Coastal look is more appropriate. I think an Arts & Crafts look is tougher to pull off but I really respect and admire that style. A coastal look may be more suitable to something that is lakefront and is easier with all that wicker and white paint.  Any thoughts? I have attached a picture of the front. …


Posted by Terry Spencer on October 15, 2012 at 11:13am — 8 Comments

Cheap Winter Window Fix

I have turn of the early 1900's "replacement" windows and good old aluminum storms.  Drinking straws make wonderful, easily removed gaskets.  They even fit in the storm window bottoms.  When I close a window, its tight! 

Posted by lyn joy on October 1, 2012 at 8:45am — 4 Comments

Imminent Teardown of an Historic Home


Yet another of New England’s early saltbox homes has recently been condemned to teardown in the name of commercialism and historically insensitive…


Posted by John Poole on September 26, 2012 at 1:30am — 7 Comments

House style

Picture%202.pngWhat do you think is the style of my Victorian house?

Most say it is in the Gothic Victorian style due to the arched windows and front double door and the quoins in the corners.

Posted by gary minnick on September 19, 2012 at 5:00pm — 5 Comments

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