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Eric Kelly replied to Eric Kelly's discussion Figure out age of small timber framed cape
"May very well have been. I have no idea. Just going off what the seller told me. That's what she was told by the owner before her. "
3 hours ago
caseypratt replied to Eric Kelly's discussion Figure out age of small timber framed cape
"Looks like somebody made that with a skilsaw circa 1977."
4 hours ago
Eric Kelly replied to Eric Kelly's discussion Figure out age of small timber framed cape
"Hi Kate, I’m going to keep researching it. Thankfully the seller agreed to remove it and install a doubled walled 275 gallon Roth tank in the basement. Thanks for helping me get the house dated well below 1900."
8 hours ago
Kate Cross replied to Eileen Dushek-Manthe's discussion Chimney: remove or keep?
"How sure are you that it's not fulfilling any structural purpose? I know in my house I can feel how much more solid the floors are near the chimney, and I'd be nervous that removing it would eventually have a destabilizing effect."
13 hours ago
Kate Cross replied to Eric Kelly's discussion Figure out age of small timber framed cape
"Glad I could help! It sounds like a cool house, with an intriguing history. You might be able to get further guidance from Historic New England about what to look for and how best to go forward with any renovations you want to do. If I were you…"
13 hours ago
Kate Cross replied to Oliver Foster's discussion Renovating fireplace to try to cure damp problem
"Is your chimney capped? If so, and if the brick is pointed reasonably well, it probably isn't the issue. The first thing I'd look at is the grading around the outside of your house. Even a slight slope for a few feet around the outside can…"
13 hours ago
Eric Kelly replied to Eric Kelly's discussion Figure out age of small timber framed cape
"Thanks Kate!That's a lot of great information! Thanks so much! For some reason the historian in town has deeds starting at 1871 for this property. Well, the land that is. No house information. And I had no clue that it's considered a greek…"
Kate Cross replied to Tom Price's discussion Sill beam replacement
"Look into your local building codes. The most important thing will be to stop any water infiltration (I'm assuming that's what caused this), and the second most important will be to place a material like Sill Seal (a foam strip similar to…"


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Figure out age of small timber framed cape 14 Replies

Hi there,We bought what we thought was a small circa 1800 timber framed cape this summer. The listing stated the year built as 1800 and the town assessment is 1800 as well. I contacted the town historian about finding out more information about the house, and he said the house does not show up on either the 1857 or 1868 town map. The earliest record of the house he sees is from the early 1900s. The house has been added on in the past 40 years, but you can see exposed timber beam framing in the…Continue

Started by Eric Kelly in Old Houses: Pre-1900. Last reply by Eric Kelly 3 hours ago.

Chimney: remove or keep? 5 Replies

We are having some work done on our 1890s house. The chimney is no longer used for ventilation. The roofers removed the top of it when they did the roof (with my permission). I am considering having the rest of the chimney removed as we have the walls and floors restored. It will gain some space in a bedroom, stairway/storage area, and the basement. Is there any reason to keep a chimney within the structure of the house?Continue

Started by Eileen Dushek-Manthe in Old Houses: Pre-1900. Last reply by Kate Cross 13 hours ago.

Renovating fireplace to try to cure damp problem 1 Reply

Hi All,I've been trying to find a solution to my blue lias stone floor becoming damp in wet weather. The stone flooring is most likely laid directly on top of compacted soil, definitely no DPC based on the age of the house and this being the original floor.The floor is in front of a previously blocked up open fireplace which was heavily used and has recently been opened up.Opening up the fireplace hasn't so far cured the problem and if anyone has any suggestions on what may cure the damp it…Continue

Started by Oliver Foster in Old Houses: Pre-1900. Last reply by Kate Cross 13 hours ago.

Sill beam replacement 2 Replies

The sill beam (bottom plate) sitting on top of my foundation is rotted out for about a four foot reach and needs to be replaced. Although I have not fully opened up the wall yet, I believe it is an 8x8 timber. I am already guessing that I will need to replace the bottom foot or so of the studs that sit on this bad…Continue

Started by Tom Price in Old Houses: Pre-1900. Last reply by Kate Cross yesterday.

One window missing pulleys for window weights. 2 Replies

I am working on repairing and restringing the window weights on all the windows in my house that was built around 1910.  I have 7 windows in my living room and 6 of them have pulleys for window weights.  One window doesn't have any pulleys.  It doesn't even have holes where the pulleys should go.  It also appears to be exactly the same in age and style as the other 6 windows.  Should I get some pulleys at the salvage place and cut holes to match the other windows?  I'm guessing that will make…Continue

Started by Leigh Breitenstein in Old Houses: 1900-1945. Last reply by psychochix Aug 9.

Historic Property vs. Codes in Michigan 6 Replies

I have a property registered with the NPS as historic (registered 1985). I have stained glass windows that block egress exits and contain lead. Lead is bad for kids and people probably want to get out when there's a fire.Has anyone had any experiences with historic property fixer uppers? My understanding is that once you accept Federal monies for repair, your hands are tied. Then there's state and county areas, which I have no clue about.Continue

Started by Jason Wulf in Old Houses: 1900-1945. Last reply by Ken klemmer Aug 8.

1925 - Style? 1 Reply

I'm new to this! First house and I'm beyond thrilled.I fell in love with this guy (the house) and have no clue. It was built 1925 though and it's in the southeast.What style is this? Also, it is a 3 bed, 2.5 bath and it has a wide center hall upstairs and down. The left is a living room (down) and master (up). The right is a split dining room and kitchen (down) and then two bedrooms with a jack and jill bath (up).One fire chimney with openings in master and living room. Continue

Started by J Claire in Old Houses: 1900-1945. Last reply by Kristopher Aug 6.

1920s Plaster Restoration 3 Replies

This is my first post as I've been searching through forums for a while trying to find useful information for an ongoing restoration I have been working on alone for a few years now. The house I am restoring is a 1920s American Foursquare style. The building was occupied by one family for 90 years, so for the most part the home was entirely original. My parents purchased the property in 2009 and I decided in 2011 to begin restoring the house and buy the property from them as I fell in love with…Continue

Started by Daniel Jones in Old Houses: 1900-1945. Last reply by psychochix Jul 21.

Marquetry Flooring 9 Replies

I just learned something about our home... Throughout our main floor, we have dark oak floors.  In one of the main rooms however, the wood is lighter, and matches the upstairs flooring.  It's a beautiful room, but it's always seemed odd that the flooring would be different.  I just learned from a former owner that the room used to have marquetry flooring. Can marquetry flooring be stained instead of inlaid?  Any thoughts or info on marquetry flooring would be appreciated, as I don't know a…Continue

Started by RAH in Old Houses: 1900-1945. Last reply by Phil Jul 3.

Moving houses 1 Reply

Does anyone have experience with moving houses?  I can't seem to find any old houses that I like that have enough land.  I don't want to build a new house, so I'm looking into moving an old house to a farm.  Is the house ever "right" again?  If you have any knowledge of this, please share!Continue

Started by Tiffaney Jewel in Old House How-To. Last reply by Robert Starnes Jun 27.

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