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CaroL Long replied to Charles J's discussion Message from Carol Long about Wallpaper in the group Old House Interior Decorating
"Thank you, Charles. Sorry to be late with thanks, I just found this reply. Excellent ideas! I will try and post a picture of this paper."
2 hours ago
Lair Tienter replied to Mr. Charles ANTHONY's discussion House Dates
"I'm not so sure you can date things by the number of curly cues on numbers.  My father finished school in 1914 and had the worst penmanship I have ever seen.  No curly on anything.  I think the biggest reason for that is he had a…"
4 hours ago
Mr. Charles ANTHONY replied to Mr. Charles ANTHONY's discussion House Dates
"Sirs/Readers; 1968, would be an option, if taken out of context. But there is an extant photo taken circa 1948-50, to judge from the shape of the autos in the photo, that shows the house with two stories, Further, the date is written on hardwood…"
6 hours ago
cblehmann replied to Mr. Charles ANTHONY's discussion Plaster lath time line
"Our 1835  house has several types of lathe: riven lathe which is very irregular and coarse, split from one wide board and stretched apart though still connected and the whole  board nailed onto the post beams; a  much smoother lathe…"
15 hours ago
James Olson replied to Mr. Charles ANTHONY's discussion House Dates
"I was thinking the same thing.  The '2's aren't loopey enough, the '8' is open, and the '6' doesn't look like an upside down cursive 'g' the way people were taught up until around…"
17 hours ago
Lair Tienter replied to joseph moore's discussion Flashing old windows in new construction wall- no nailing flange
"On my addition they used the silver tape all the way around the windows after the house wrap was on.  they wrapped the house, cut holes where the windows are, and tape over the window edge and the house wrap.  I have had no leaks around…"
Deanie Blevins posted an event

Scott Antique Market at Atlanta Expo Center

October 9, 2014 at 12:45pm to October 12, 2014 at 4pm
America's Favorite Treasure Hunt! We host the world's largest  indoor antique show the second weekend every month at the Atlanta Expo Centers. We have an amazing 3500 exhibit booths filled with antiques and collectibles. We also host an antique…See More
StoneHouseGuy replied to Mr. Charles ANTHONY's discussion House Dates
"Hmm. thats an interesting notation to discover. I have found a few notes like this in my past houses and a few pieces of old furniture. Maybe I'm not seeing it right, or in context, but that doesn't look like 19th century writing to me.…"


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Old House Forum

House Dates 6 Replies

Readers; Here is a Question for the Pros; Background first.  I have an 1860, by County Records , 2 story House. Just today I was fixing the 2nd floor hall and found the above 'Constructed  3/22/86 by Joe, Mark &  ?  This house has an 11x16 addition , with some odd posts all around the interior, see my older photos. …Continue

Started by Mr. Charles ANTHONY in Old Houses: Pre-1900. Last reply by Lair Tienter 4 hours ago.

Plaster lath time line 2 Replies

Here is an 'easy' one, I hope!   What is the earlyist date for the wooden lath on a wall, to be the standard, thin, narrow, and short uniform size?  I know there was an earlier style.   The reason it is asked. I have most of the 2nd floor walls done with this sort of work, and it will give me a clew as to the dates of renovations.ThanksKilted TailorContinue

Started by Mr. Charles ANTHONY in Old Houses: Pre-1900. Last reply by cblehmann 15 hours ago.

Flashing old windows in new construction wall- no nailing flange 2 Replies

I have a question that I'm hoping some of you have experience with. The back wall of my 100 year old house was in bad shape....sagging with a rotted corner post etc. It had novelty style drop siding(shiplap joint)  on it with no sheathing whatsoever. It was just siding nailed directly to the balloon frame with heavy rosin paper in between. Since many changes were being made to the wall ( a window where there used to be a door for a 2nd floor egress, a door where there used to be a window on the…Continue

Started by joseph moore in Old Houses: 1900-1945. Last reply by Lair Tienter yesterday.

Door hinge the previous owners screwed up 3 Replies

Well I guess I still haven't seen everything yet when it comes to creative "solutions" to old door hinges. In our last house (the Red Queen), the previous owners put the beautiful original Eastlake hinges upside-down on our daughter's bedroom door and bent the rod on purpose to keep it from sliding out of the hinge and falling onto the floor. In our new house, our daughters bedroom door was sticking and we knew the hinge needed to be refastened into the door frame. We just pulled it off, and…Continue

Started by Carrie Z in Old House How-To. Last reply by Lair Tienter on Tuesday.

Restoring Front Porch on 1909 Home 8 Replies

Hello,I'm working to restore the front porch of my 1909 home. It appears at one time there were brackets between the posts. You can see where the paint was removed that there were decorative items mounted. I'd like to find something that respects the four square style and the period it was built. We are in a neighborhood with various Arthur Pillsbury homes, but have not been able to locate any photos of our home. Any ideas what the brackets and rafter tails may have looked like? We were…Continue

Started by Tempwave in Old Houses: 1900-1945. Last reply by StoneHouseGuy on Monday.

oak carpeting? 2 Replies

so here is my question , my house was built in 1888, the kitchen floor is side nailed maple, the front hall and recieving room side nailed oak , the dining room is patterned side nailed maple , but the parlor is narrow oak that is all top nailed , the second floor is the same with some rooms having inlayed borders , my question is with the first floor all being side nailed and the everage width , might the parlor floor be a later addition maybe the room originally had carpet ? and this flooring…Continue

Started by Quintin - Walt Tiffany in Old Houses: Pre-1900. Last reply by Randall Marder on Saturday.

Front Door Repair - Veneer 5 Replies

Hey guys, I'm here to ask about Front Door repairs.My front door has some damage on the veneer. It has so much character, I really don't want to replace it; As with most things, I'd rather repair it.I can't find a ton of info on the internet about this, I thought I'd see if anyone has experience with these sorts of repairs. Here is a sideways photo:…Continue

Tags: repair, character, door, front, vaneer

Started by Tyler in Old House How-To. Last reply by Randall Marder on Saturday.

Some authentic color schemes 14 Replies

Here are twenty-four authentic late-Victorian color schemes taken from  Its date is not given, but is 1893 or later.  Since the paint cans shown in it don't have the Sherwin flange-top, it's not much later.The greens have darkened to black and I don't think "Grayish Green" was meant to be the light pink it now is. …Continue

Started by Ed Ferris in Old Houses: Pre-1900. Last reply by Ed Ferris Sep 12.

Bathroom shower tiled floor

My Bathroom shower is very large, 5.5' by 7.5'. It has small square tiles that are difficult to keep clean and sealed. The "plastic" type sealer only lasts about 6 months and where water sets it lasts only a month or so, and the tiles are very difficult to keep clean. A lot of them tend to have black/brown spots or a haze…Continue

Started by Michael Costello in Old Houses: 1900-1945 Sep 10.

Old pipe sticking down out of ceilings! What are they and how do I get rid of them? 8 Replies

I have short, little pipes sticking out of my living room and kitchen ceilings - both next to where ceiling fans have been previously installed. I'm getting ready to paint and replace the dated fans. My house was built in 1903. What are these pipes and how can I remove or hide them?Continue

Started by Angela Larck in Old House How-To. Last reply by StoneHouseGuy Sep 10.

Blog Posts

Arts & Crafts or Coastal Style?

Our new lakefront cottage has a vintage look and I am trying to decide if an Arts & Crafts look or a Coastal look is more appropriate. I think an Arts & Crafts look is tougher to pull off but I really respect and admire that style. A coastal look may be more suitable to something that is lakefront and is easier with all that wicker and white paint.  Any thoughts? I have attached a picture of the front. …


Posted by Terry Spencer on October 15, 2012 at 11:13am — 8 Comments

Cheap Winter Window Fix

I have turn of the early 1900's "replacement" windows and good old aluminum storms.  Drinking straws make wonderful, easily removed gaskets.  They even fit in the storm window bottoms.  When I close a window, its tight! 

Posted by lyn joy on October 1, 2012 at 8:45am — 2 Comments

Imminent Teardown of an Historic Home


Yet another of New England’s early saltbox homes has recently been condemned to teardown in the name of commercialism and historically insensitive…


Posted by John Poole on September 26, 2012 at 1:30am — 6 Comments

House style

Picture%202.pngWhat do you think is the style of my Victorian house?

Most say it is in the Gothic Victorian style due to the arched windows and front double door and the quoins in the corners.

Posted by gary minnick on September 19, 2012 at 5:00pm — 4 Comments

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