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Old Houses: Pre-1900

Share successes, pinpoint puzzling problems, detail delightful design, even tell a ghost story or three about your pre-1900 house. View Discussions

Portiere Rods 1 Reply

Started by I love old houses!. Last reply by psychochix on Tuesday.

Fireplace? Help 1 Reply

Started by Amy Murray. Last reply by Lair Tienter Mar 16.

Stair railing 5 Replies

Started by Michael Tetzner. Last reply by Linda Brown Mar 10.

Replacement Doors? 2 Replies

Started by Erica Mena. Last reply by psychochix Feb 22.

Window Pile 3 Replies

Started by Michael Lalla. Last reply by James Olson Feb 8.

Old Houses: 1900-1945

Weigh in with restoration tips and questions, how-to projects, frustrating problems, and sterling success stories about the dazzling array of American house styles from the first half of the 20th century. View Discussions

Asbestos Concern 2 Replies

Started by Catie. Last reply by Lair Tienter on Tuesday.

3rd paint color help 6 Replies

Started by Perkins. Last reply by James Olson Feb 8.

Old Houses: Post-World War II

Ranch houses, split-levels, and other styles that blossomed at the mid-point of the 20th century are now historic in their own right. Share thoughts about newer houses from one of the most industrious periods in American history. View Discussions

Remuddling 6 Replies

Started by Amanda Stroud. Last reply by Amanda Stroud Jul 13, 2016.

Cork floor repair 3 Replies

Started by Celia Oxley. Last reply by Celia Oxley Aug 31, 2015.

Old House How-To

Interested minds want to know! Share your best tips, tools, and techniques about the challenging task of restoring, renovating, or remodeling an old house. View Discussions

Patio doors stuck..

Started by Judylara Dec 31, 2017.

Old Iron Radiators 3 Replies

Started by Al Shehadi. Last reply by Sherry Rogers Frost Jul 7, 2017.

Old-House Products

Use this room to ask questions and share discoveries about historically appropriate building materials and products meant for period homes of every kind. View Discussions

congoleum linoleum rug 1 Reply

Started by donna vomacka. Last reply by Jodi Aug 3, 2016.


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