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Attic Floor insulation

Well it is that time of year... and I thought I should ask before I bought anything. Right now I have a very small amount of "rock wool" in…

Started by MartinLatest Reply

Insulating original windows

Hello! We are in the (long) process of restoring a 1930 bungalow that has 20-odd double-hung windows. My husband is repairing them himself,…

Started by Adrienne MLatest Reply

Color Selection Chart from 1920's

In items left by original owner we found this color selection chart. our home is a Gordon Van Tine catalog house but we feel that the color…

Started by Nick WylieLatest Reply

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Sandblasting Slate

So as some of you may know, I have a fireplace in my diningroom made of slate. As in most old houses, it had been painted over the years to…

Started by Will H

15 1 hour ago
Reply by Lair Tienter

wall vent in bathroom with radiator heat

the vent goes down the wall and hot air is present. why would there be a radiator and a wall vent? the house was built in 1907. what is the…

Started by Ralph

1 15 hours ago
Reply by James Olson

Kitchen Floor Problem

Our new house was built around 1903.  I like keeping things as original as I can.  The kitchen floor had a couple layers of tile and finall…

Started by I love old houses!

1 on Friday
Reply by Lair Tienter

Bleeding fir trim

I am slowly renovating a 1916 four square. I have had the oak trim downstairs and the fir trim upstairs stripped and refinished. It all loo…

Started by Jan Von Qualen

8 on Thursday
Reply by Jan Von Qualen

Oil Based Paint

I am restoring an old home and am getting closer every day to paint time.  I know someone who is  also restoring an old home who uses only…

Started by I love old houses!

10 on Thursday
Reply by I love old houses!

What Style is My House

Hi, A few months ago I bought a 1906 house. I think the house had a somewhat big remodel in the 20s or 30s, since it has a later porch and…

Started by Jack Wayne

8 on Thursday
Reply by Kris

real plaster

I'm restoring my 1929 American Foursquare, and need to find someone in the Northern Virginia area who can do real plaster, not just drywall…

Started by Janice Clark

0 on Thursday

Splitting cap on front porch column

Hello. New to the forum.  About 2 years ago I bought a house built in 1927.  We think its a Sears home, but I can't find the model. Anyway…

Started by Chris L

5 on Thursday
Reply by Randall Marder

Logs/tree trunk posts as support in basement

OK, this one has had me puzzling since we did the inspection two years ago.  I've never seen this before.  Old logs/tree trunks as support…

Started by Chris L

4 on Thursday
Reply by Randall Marder

What the hearth?

See photos.  At first glance, hearth looks like its heaving upwards.  But I dont think thats the case.  I think floors are sagging.  I've r…

Started by Chris L

3 on Thursday
Reply by Randall Marder


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