1830s Stone Home: removing paint from an interior (formerly exterior) 15' X 20' brick wall

Hi everyone - I recently purchased an 1830's eastern PA brick home. An addition was added around the 70s.  The former exterior brick wall is now an interior wall for my great room. It has been painted numerous times over the years. I would love to take the wall back to the original brick (but ok to leave some of the paint).  Sandblasting will damage the wall as the brick is pretty soft. Sodablasting won't get the paint off.  Any suggestions on what to do??  Many thanks in advance!

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I think that one of the Peel Away brand products is your best move for an uneven surface that is loaded with lead.  A neighbor of ours had a paint crew use that on their painted brick exterior, and it really looks good.  

Many thanks, Phil for the reply!! We will give it a go.   

I am an expert in historical preservation with over 45 years hands on experience, I can help you .  I am not selling any product just giving back to help save our history



RM Design & Construction

Many thanks, Randall!  I will definitely take you up on your offer to chat. What is the best way to reach you? And many thanks for your kind offer!



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