Hello, we are adding a big addition onto the back of our red brick Foursquare house built in 1925. We are moving the small kitchen to the back of the house for more space. I'd like to retain the character of the house so we're using details which we've seen in other rooms and from what I've read online about the time period, while still adding the modern conveniences we need for our 5 person family.

My question is, what finishes should we choose for the kitchen? We have original heart pine floors, chestnut (we think) doors, original moldings (but all the trim has been painted white by previous owners). I originally wanted  wood-stained cabinets but all of the homes I've found online when I searched "1920s kitchens" show white cabinets. Also, is it a complete sin to go with a countertop other than soapstone or marble? I was looking at quartz in the same colors/patterns to mimic those materials but would like something with easier upkeep - I've heard soapstone can chip and marble can stain.

It's not exactly an open floor plan but the kitchen will be visible from from the dining room and living room.

Thanks for helping! If you have photos to share, please do!!!

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In my 4 square house built in 1906 I went with kitchen cabinets made in the style of Hoosier cabinets.  They were a light hickory colored wood.  the doors were very plain with just a slight rounded edge.  In the center was a divider and some had art glass across the top panel of the door.  I wanted stone countertops but just didn't have the money to do it. I decided to go with Formica in limestone pattern.  I was never sorry I used Formica because it only cost 1/4 the cost of stone.



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