Anyone use Certainteed Grand Manor or Carriage House shingles?

It looks like the roof on our 1890's Victorian is shot and we need to replace it this summer.  It will be a complete tear off (2 existing layers of asphalt shingles).  Although the existing 1" sheathing looks good with only small gaps between the boards, we will probably do new plywood over the entire roof anyway just to be sure the new shingles have a good hold on something.  The roof is a 12/12 pitch with multiple valleys and ridges.  

I'd like to do something different than the standard architectural shingle but need to stay with asphalt shingle (no slate, no cedar shake) because of the cost.  So, I'm looking at Grand Manor and Carriage House line of shingles from Certainteed.  Has anyone used these?  Has anyone used both at the same time to make a pattern?  Grand Manor has a square bottom and Carriage House is scalloped, so I was thinking of 4 rows of each repeating up the roof.  They appear to be a very heavy shingle and I'm worried they are a difficult to work with - for example, they require an open valley because they are so thick/heavy that the do not bend well.  I'm also worried about the weight - 425 lbs per square, which is almost double standard shingle weight.  There is no way I'm doing this myself and I found a roofer who seems willing to use them and do the pattern, but I don't know if he has ever used these particular shingles before.


...John O.

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The new roof is FINALLY done!  


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