Not that I don't love this forum, but I've been noticing the traffic has been dwindling on here and was wondering if it was because people were using some other form of online forum/discussion group such as Facebook.  I did a quick search of FB's groups and didn't come up with anything too promising.  Does anybody know of anything else out there?

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I'm looking for the same, let me know if you run across any info....Thanks!!

Site traffic here rises and falls over the years (I have had an account for over 10 years, going back to the primitive site that this one replaced).  I don't think that it is any slower here now than it has ever been.  That said, here is an old house forum that gets some action:

Don't abandon us,though!

The oldhouseweb boards were wonderful.  They got SO MUCH spam and the administration was not responsive.  They have since been working on it but spam is still a problem.  Many of the regular posters have moved to which was started by one of the regular posters.


This one isn't a lot better.

Summer = slower.  Lots more things to do unless you live on a different continent than NA. 

That said - there are steady, nice folks here that get back to people from time to time.  

Too busy working on the house after getting good advise here......

Sounds like there is an opening/opportunity here!

Yes, this is one group I belong to on facebook: Let's Renovate This Old House

I'm sure they would welcome anyone interested in sharing or learning more about renovating old houses.

Come join us!

I believe that Old House Journal is launching a new web site sometime next month.  I wonder whether it will affect this discussion site?

Geez I hope not, if anything like the magazine (not impressed so far) I will be an annoyed reader.  As for Facebook I thought that people were finding it too much of a hassle to be on and it is going abandoned too.  I know I haven't been on there for months now and don't plan on going back anytime soon. 


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