This was a fun creative piece of work I did this past summer. Hope it is interesting:

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Just thought I better provide a link to the published article about this (to give credit to FHB). This is on newsstands now, in another magazine. It might be useful here, but if the OHJ would rather not have material featured elsewhere (Fine Homebuilding) in this forum... I understand that and this thread could be deleted.


Very nice job.
Thank you Charles. The article is a brief "how-to" piece, should someone like to replicate this.

All the best,

Very clever. I have been looking at old buffet cabinets with the same idea, but did not want to cut them up to the point of destroying their utility as well as their beauty. This preserves both. Good work!
The "U" shaped drawer is a novel idea, you still have some storage in the drawer Great

Craig Phillips
B & C Emporium Antiques & original hardware

This is beautiful!  I would love to do something like this in my upstairs bath however, when the tub, toilet, and sink were plumbed in, everything is pretty well jammed into the same area, which I will probably work around to avoid major re-plumbing issues.


I love the way you've rebuilt the buffet without losing total use of the drawer.  And, accented with matching china.  Voila!  :)

Beautiful work. The drawer is so thoughtful. The long mirror also is great.

Love the brick showing! I may try this in my kitchen to make a vent hood look more authentic. -Sandy

We had a sheet music (or perhaps record) cabinet converted to hold a small vessel link in a modern home we own. The carpenter did the same thing you have here, working around the plumbing which left us with a functioning drawer which is handy in a tiny tiny tiny little powder room.

It works well because of the wrap around (as you've done). I have seen this done where they instead just do a short drawer (which we have on a cabinet that hides a modern heating unit). I had to add a stop to the drawer because people naturally want to pull all of the way out so you end up with a drawer in your lap :) That's what constantly happened with the one I first saw so it was a good education...either make some of the drawer full length, or be sure to add a stop to save people the embarrassment of having the thing fly out at them if they pull too much LOL

The mirror is fantastic!


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