I have two massive radiators in my 1920 home that have many layers of paint on them.  Due to their size (and my fears about getting them to work again properly if moved!) I'd like to strip them while they are in place.  The paint is loose in some places and I'm sure some of it has lead, which I'm not terribly worried about since I plan to seal the workspace off and wear protective gear.  I'm more concerned with the logistics of this task as well as the best way to repaint them once I'm finished!

Is anyone able to share any tips about the best way to go about doing this?  

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I've had my best luck using a stiff putty knife.  Actually I use the kind made for working on window putty. It is stiff, has a sharp side and a point on one end.  Between that and a stiff wire wheel on a drill have had the best results.  It will take a lot of time if you want to get all the paint off.  I also have been known to take a blow torch to the more resistant spots.  Good luck.  Lair


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