Can old free standing tubs and iron sinks be sucessfully re-glazed?

  Am interested in hearing of your experiences with reglazing cast iron/enamel tubs and sinks.

  The enamel of the large kitchen sink is worn thin, even down to the iron in the center.  It is a large, shallow tub with tall backsplash and long drainboards on both sides -  all on legs.  Is it worth restoring it?  (can the legs be shortened?) Units like or similar to it come up once in a while and/or may still be available new but would be 2+ thousand dollars.

   I imagine the tubs are worth doing, considering the replacement costs and hassle.



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They can be - to have it done professionally it is very expensive. Depending on how "fussie" you are you can DIY. There are kits available on the internet - we bought one from Ebay - I believe it was less than $20. We touched up the warn areas and althought not perfect we are happy with the results. After-all these are hundred year old fixtures and shouldn't be "perfect"! The most important thing we learned was to clean the areas very well before you begin and to not just cover the warn area but rather over-lap and feather the new product out to better blend. Good Luck.

First of all I have to say I have never done this.  I however have been witness to two applications.  One customer sanded the tub very deep all over. When I saw it I thought he had ruined the tub but the next day it looked great, like new.  The other customer didn't sand as deep and his job looked equally restored.  When working on these houses over the next few years I examined the tubs every chance I got.  The one with deep sanding devoloped less sheen, sort of satin finish.  The other retained it's shine but had several marks almost like they were chipped yet not real chips in the finish.  Both tubs were very good looking and lasted for years with daily use.  Myself I would give it a try if I had a tub in that condition and needed help.  I think it would be well worth the time and money.  Lair

You can get a tub reglazed. It is just paint. Find a reputable company. The tub will last a while if you don't use any abrasive cleanser or scrub on it. It's useless on a kitchen sink -- gets too much wear.

I have heard of a company in Chicago that will reenamel just like factory new. Both processes would be about $400 or so for a tub, but it's very expensive to ship a huge item to Chicago. About $400 for a bathroom sink each way. The reglazers work in your house. I don't think you could get the same results doing it yourself. The reglazing requires sanding and a toxic paint. You have to wear a respirator.

Thank you everyone for sharing your knowledge and experience!  There is a company in our town.  Thanks for  note about kitchen sink - that's the tie-breaker. 

Re-Glazing is nothing more than an epoxy coat of paint.

The most important aspect is the prep work on the fixture.

Typically needs to be re-done every 3-5 years depending on use and care.


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