We have a 1904 home with a detached garage that dates to at least 1919 if not earlier.  The garage had a chimney on the inside of the back wall at one point (so inside the garage), as we have seen from old photos and previous owner testimony.   The garage is a two car, made of brick and quite deep - almost enough to accommodate four cars two behind two.  It also has four windows, two on each side, so there's a lot of light exposure.  The original owner had a car dealership and garage in the 1910s so that explains the age of the garage.  We can't figure out the chimney, though.  Was it an early way of having a heated garage?  Could some kind of garage/summer kitchen combination be a possibility?  The house would probably be considered upper middle class to wealthy for the era - 11 panels of custom stained glass, 3000 sq/ft and was set up for a servant with servants staircase, bedroom and a stove that was originally located in the basement.  There is also another garage on the block that has an intact chimney so obviously garage chimneys were a thing.  We just can't figure out what it was for.  Does anyone have any ideas?  It's located in Wisconsin, if that makes a difference.  

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I had a chimney in a garage once also in Wisconsin. They had an old wood stove out there to heat it. We also had an old incinerator for burning trash attached to the chimney in the basement. My house wasn't posh at all, but it was rather rural. Hope this helps,


That isn't strange at all.  If there was work that need on the car you would fire up the stove on the weekend and work on the car.  Back then a lot of people took care of most things themselves.  Also if they burned wood in the house it was probably stored in the garage.  they may have had a small wood stove to burn wood scraps.

Could this have been to keep the engine from freezing in extreme weather?  


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