Hello, i just purchased a house which according to the town records was built in 1887. The dining room has an awful tile floor which I will be ripping out and hopefully exposing the original wood. there is a china  cabinet which is in the corner but i cannot tell if it is original or not. In the picture the fireplace is also visible. Please let me know if this china cabinet is of the same era

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Doesn't look original, but you might want to post a couple of close-up pictures for people to better weigh in.

Hello thanks for your reply.  will try to get a close- up soon. The wood looks weird the way it is set into the corner that is why i think it is not original. Does the fireplace look original to you? This picture was taken before the close the actual fireplace opening is sealed by drywall. I know this is done a lot but i am wondering how feasible it would be to open it back up and use it? There is a hot water heater and boiler that vent through the same chimney. 


Not sure but the china cabinet looks like it made in the 1970s by K-Mart or a competitor.  Now the fireplace has been there a long time and is probably original to the house and would be a good hardwood. I agree with you on the tile.  Good luck with your project.  Lair 

It might be that the fireplace and/or its flue was use as a pipe chase to plumb or duct somewhere upstairs, and that is why it is drywalled off.  If you are lucky, it was just covered over to avoid a draft.  In that case, you could put a ventless gas fireplace log in it (after removing the drywall). A house of that era almost certainly would not have a properly lined chimney flue, so I would not expect to use it for true fires.  

Thank you! 

Your China cabinet is a recent addition.  Look at the quality of the wood, the hinges, the style and the general overall appearance that it is out of scale in size.  As for your chimney, be careful.  If your water heater And boiler are directly vented into the chimney, without their own vent pipe inside of that chimney, you could have a carbon monoxide problem if you remove the drywall.  In other words, if you remove the drywall make sure the “appliances” are vented to the outside and not to the inside of your house.

Thank you, linda. I will check to make sure but i think yhat is ehy it was sealed off. If those appliances are not venting through another possible flu then i will seal it back up. Yes I initially thought it was original but while looking at it closer, the style just does not match. 


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