I'm trying to clean out my junk bldg. and in the process trying to downsize....now I uncovered these pcs earlier  and believe you me, don't have a clue unless they are panels of curtains for a lodge or something....anyone know anything about something like this or where I might find info?  They are just too unique to be hidden away in a box somewhere.....hopefully I can find out what they are and find then find someone who'd like to purchase them....Thanks...Bob in KY (looks like I can only add 3 pictures. but I do have more pictures)

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still hoping someone can provide some info on these pieces.  Thanks

The site was down for a while and I couldn't respond earlier.  But I'd always thought of portieres as being full length drape-like pieces of fabric which were used to prevent drafts.  these look more like decorative draperies which wouldn't block drafts but which would add some 'class' to an interior archway or a window.  I could be wrong, though.  Let's see if anyone else weighs in.

thanks for the response.....hopefully others will chime in with additional info.

They look more like valances to me, although some portieres did also include valances. They used to drape all sorts of things back in the day, so they could be a number of things. I do have to add that I think they are rather stunning, although I have very old and odd taste!


I'm pretty sure the ones with the little round metal rings are curtains as a rod could be run thru the rings to hang them....maybe some of the other pcs are table runners, etc.....I have so many pictures of closeups, etc. but could only upload 3 with the original post.

the last one is a cover for an upright piano and not a curtain.  It goes on the top and hangs down on the front and the ends.

Good call Lair! I was trying to figure out what that would of draped. I thought it was too long for a mantel, never thought of a piano.

do you think these are quite old?  wish I could post more pictures to show closeups of some of them

I'd say, best guess, 1880-1920, not much younger than that. Fashions changed, drapery was simpler after that. They sort of scream Victorian to me, but I'm no expert in textiles. I still think they're quite beautiful.


thanks Lisa, I think Victorian, too, but WDIK?  lol

I looked thru various books I have and found some very similar sort of curtains and drapery in a needlework book from 1890. Seems they were very into asymmetrical curtains at that time, so I'm going to say they're from1890-1900. They look like they're velvet and the embroidery is quite impressive. Someone had some talent back in the day. Look at what you could accomplish before tv and the Internet!


any ideas as to a value?  Thanks


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