Here is a photo of our ca 1908 sink which has been in the basement for who knows how many years.  We would like to use it in our kitchen renovation but it has a lot of crazing and stains.  Not so worried about stains but will it hold up with all that crazing?

We have researched the supposedly only company who restores these sinks (Customs Ceramic Coatings, Lentzburg, IL) and find there is a multi-year wait list.  Haven't heard back from the company to confirm this.

Would you go ahead and install sink and use, wait for a restoration, or just pitch the sink?

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Is that actually cast iron? It looks like fireclay.


To be perfectly honest, I don't know.  The tub upstairs certainly is so I'd guess this is.  Would that make a difference in using it?

I just mean the actual material has a bearing on whether the re-firing place would take the job on or not.

That crazed glaze is going to let water into the underlying material whether it is metal or ceramics.


A magnet will tell material, or at least whether it is cast iron.


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