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We've some old Standard plumbing fixtures which have to be at least 60 years old if they're a day, and I'm trying to track down a better sense of when they were manufactured.  The toilet is a Standard Monaco, which were allegeldly manufactured from the 1920's on, and the sink is most probably of the same vintage as the toilet (whatever that is), given the way the design looks and the colors match.  So, is anyone aware of any resource which might help me more accurately date when these things were made?


To be honest, I'm planning on having them pulled and replaced (they weren't original to the house; the previous owner installed them), and having a better sense of when they were made might make it easier for me to sell them via ebay or craigslist.

Thanks for the help.

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you can do a google search for books and old catalogs on Standard fixtures. Possibly a book on period fixtures will have a bibliography which will lead you to the right picture.

If you plan to sell on ebay, etc. good photographs, including the labels, will let a prospective owner know if the fixtures are what they are looking for. You will not need all the background. Your buyers may even supply the background for you.

Thanks so much for the hint.  I looked at the tank top's bottom (quite a challenging concept to describe in one sentence, I've just discovered) and found it dated December 10, 1929, which I assume is the date of manufacture, given that it was fired into the porcelain.


Thanks once again.


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