My 1893 Victorian house had one or two servants around the turn of the 20th century, and an annunciator system was in place to call the butler or the housekeeper. The system was dismantled over the years but some of the wiring remains, along with this brass fitting (pictured) in the dining-room floor.

Apparently we need to obtain a brass floor key (see illustration) for this fitting in order to get the annunciator system going again. Please let me know about anyplace or anyone that might have such an obscure item. I haven't found what I need yet on eBay, but wondered if there is anyone around who specializes in annunciator parts. It would be fun to get the system going again eventually; I do have an annunciator with arrows pointing to rooms: the dining room, billiard room, front door and master bedroom. I once told my two kids, now in their early 30s, that I planned to wire up the system so that my late wife and I could buzz them, and they could serve us. Our children didn't care for that idea. Thanks.


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