I have 2 brass gaslights from the late 19th Century.  Perfect for OHJ enthusiasts who wants an authentic look and feel to their home.  One light is a 3-arm up, the other has 3-arms up and 3-down.  Pictures of each are attached.  For more details contact me at: rhimmel@centurylink.net or call 303 453-1975.

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Sounds interesting.  But you really should post pictures and prices if you want to stir interest on this site!

Are you personally interested in these lights?

I am always on the look for nice old gas lights.  Others may not know how nice they would be for their house until they see pictures.  But in my case, I have already installed converted gas lights in most rooms of my house, so they have to really strike me, as well as visually match the style of my existing ones.

I've added a picture of each.  Both are working gas lights as you can see and are set up for 10' ceilings.  If you have further interest please contact me directly thru email or phone.

How much are these?  They look similar to what is in my home now.  I , only have 4 of the originals remaining, Thank you, Sandy

Hi Sandy,

Both lights are available.  Please email or call me directly for pricing and more detail.  There are bonus features for each light that make these lights very desirable for collectors and people who are interested in authenticity having come out of 19th century homes.


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