Has anyone here bought any of the new LED vintage looking lightbulbs?

I would like to experiment with a few, but want to avoid ones that look cheesy.

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I have. They are not bad. They're not the original Edison Tungsten either... but they sure last longer and use a lot less energy.  If you have a spot that its not easy to change the bulb definitely use the LED. 

There is an article on them in the newest issue of Old House Journal, but they don't really take a position on which brands look better.  Do you remember which brand you bought?

I bought Feit and Cree. The Feit was the larger type and the Cree were candelabra. I found the Cree in a multi pack at one of the big box. The Feit I bought on line but I've seen them at the big box. The larger ones we have in outside lantern lights. I installed a dimmer on the LED's as they are too bright compared to the tungsten we used before. The tungsten I replaced every 3-4 months it seemed. The LED I've never replaced in 4 years. I actually came to like the fact they are on a dimmer as well in that if I need more light I can turn it up, but for the look we dim them down. They have the same soft orange/yellow glow as the old bulbs especially dimmed down. The candelabra we use in wall sconces that have seeded glass; no one can tell the difference. In the table and floor lamps that I can't dim we use the old Edison Tungsten bulbs. I suppose there are dimmers for floor and table lamps but I haven't tried them. I may be inclined to try one with the LED's when the old tungsten burn out.

I've looked at them, but they seem to lack the glow of the Edison bulbs. Part of the charm of the old bulbs, to me at least, is the dim Amber light they emit. Perhaps on a dimmer they'd be alright, but otherwise they're too bright. I have yet to have an Edison bulb burn out, but I use them in mostly hanging lights were their appearance is important and I also don't use them on a daily basis. I've also use clear, regular incandescent bulbs in less conspicuous fixtures to have the look of an old bulb, but they are also lower wattage. You can still find them online, but I also have a tendency to buy 25-40 watt bulbs for everything. And yes, I've been accused of being a bat living in the dark.



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