I was hoping to do a survey, but don't see that feature on here, so hopefully people will just post their 2 cents --
I've been doing research on and off as time permits on the construction/ownership of my house, in order to get a historic home plaque from my city's historic board. I was talking to a coworker about this today, who purchased a "historic" home in a historic district of another town, and she feels it's really limiting as a homeowner, and wishes the home didn't have that distinction. She & her husband actually are going to gut the historic home on the property, turn it into a 3-car garage, and build a brand new home (much larger) behind it. The town is allowing it (for future tax revenue, I am guessing).
The idea that a future owner of this house would be turned off because it had a historic marker on it hadn't crossed my mind. I couldn't imagine why someone would want to own this house if they weren't interested in old houses with character. I guess there's always the chance someone's just looking for an income property.
Anyway... just wondering if you...
a) Purchased your home with such a plaque already on it, and think it's a good thing
b) Purchased an old home with a plaque on it, and think it's NOT a good thing (and why)
c) Got a plaque for your home yourself, or are working on it (would love to know how that process is going for you, esp determining the appropriate name & year)
d) Purchased an old home without a plaque and wouldn't get one (and why)


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Deed history is a good winter project, good busy work, as the saying goes.

You mentioned in first post you had started some research on house ownership. Assuming you mean tracing the deeds back. Where does that stand? Get to the handwritten deed books yet? That's were the rollercoaster begins.

Bump to this excellent topic on historic house plaques. They make a great holiday gift for him, her, or house. Don't need exact date, that is the reason for putting "circa" or c. on the sign.  Attaching a photo of a hand painted historic house sign I made couple years ago for a home in New England. "White Christmas". Sounds great doesn't it. The next pic is also posted in the spirit of the season: The Stocking House.  Happy holiday to all.



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