Our 1885 Stick Victorian has a beautiful turret complete with huge curved wavy leaded glass windows.  The glass is in great shape, the windows themselves look good.  But there is little to no glazing left on the windows, sash cords rotted out, and many many layers of paint.  I will have to strip enough paint to get the windows to move and replace sash cords.  I think I can handle all of that.  But I am not sure how to get the exterior windows out without losing the glass since there is very little glazing left.  Also, they of course, won't lay flat, so how do you handle that reglazing?  Would it be better to try to glaze in place?  There is a fair amount of clear caulking here and there.  Before you tell me to hire a professional- none of our glass places around here want anything to do with it ;).  I just finished stripping and reglazing several other windows, but nothing enormous and curved!

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I would think that once you have released them from the paint and unhooked any intact sash cords, that you should be able to pull them into the house without the glass falling out, especially if you have 4 hands on that task.  They are only curved on one plane, so you should then be able to lay them flat, glazing side up to do your stripping and glazing of the outsides of the sashes.  Do they need to be stripped on the insides of the sashes?  That is where you won't be able to lay them flat on saw horses or a table.


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