Our vintage homes are a brick and mortor links to our past. Full of history and life. To take stewardship of an older home is a commitment to the house, yourself, and the future. Think sustainability for the future of our world.

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  There is a lot to ponder in what you have posted.  

  When "business as usual" approaches are the norm, sustainability for the pre-1900 house can be tricky. 

. Everyone assumes you want to thouroughly convert the house to a 21st cen. house and not to-operate with the house itself. The past is the future?  Yes, thank you.  Insulation?   Leaking old stone foundation walls? Exterior painting?   It seems that everyone and every source has a different recommendation.  Even finding consistent advice takes a lot of focus and old-fashioned time, local net-working and - luck. Gradually, one gets enough input to start to discern good old-house/now-house sustainability solutions and find help.  This site is a blessing!

  The house is old and beloved in its village (maybe they felt sorry for it, too,) a long-standing and loyal community.   The local history, the house's history and its occupants' past and even current lives - because some continue to share documents, letters, photos and memories - are all bound together in my vision. Sometimes, I can't even imagine our place here, yet. When my husband entered it for the first time, he said it felt "just like home."  We go on that, mostly.

  "Commitment to yourself"... now this has been the adventure!  I was amazed at the wonder and wholesome gratitude I felt when a man from the city Sewer Dept. said, "I think you are right" (re: a  tentative theory about an unknown factor of a 115 year old site-designed  water handling system.)  But, he was professionally interested and not selling something.  I'm learning  about myself and wising up and standing up too, and it's about time!  Thank you, dear House!   

  Thank you, dear Lois!  Your exhortation will be sustaining me. 


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