In search of a front door to replace this horrid Home Depot special that is on our beautiful 1865 home. I'm guessing the original door was larger and most likely in line with the windows. The height of the windows to the top of the molding is about 105-106 inches tall with the molding being about 7 inches. The width of the current Home Depot unholy door including the side lights is 72 inches.

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1st problem- guessing.  Check some background and do some research before you find a better door. My 1860 house is full of oddities, the current front door is circa 1970 steel!  The original front door would face the present Morning Room. Thus I am still looking for 'local generic' front doors for my house. Once you find the right style, check here, and in building salvage stores, local antique sales { I have a line on 13 feet of stair rail, posts and all, circa 1880, for my house, found in a antique shops ad.} Then find the right man to put it in.  My door, when replaced, will have to have the wall repaired as well, It slopes outward a few degrees!}. Good luck, and let us know what you find.



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