I'm about to get the roof replaced on my 1894 Victorian. Due to the crown moulding on all the fascia, the gutters are actually placed into the shingles about three rows up. The roof including these gutters was replaced in 1996 by previous owners. I'm having trouble locating new gutters like this. What is the name of this type of gutter and who supplies them?

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i believe they are called yankee gutters

Yep sounds like a yankee gutter. I have the built in box type gutters that were never taken care of properly for the past 100 years. I have been relining them (they are just steel lined) with rubber roofing, which works very well. I just need a 30 ft ladder to clear out to down spout strainers. They get clogged up then I have water pouring over the gutters lol But yeah, the areas that I have not fixed yet have water coming out of the soffit. 

Yankee gutters. When we had ours repaired, we had to replace the rotted wood about 8ft in & then lined the gutters in copper. So you're looking for a roofer that works w/ copper & knows about Yankee gutters (call around your local roofers & ask for quotes). Most people replace Yankee gutters w/ external gutters. Up to you! Good luck.

My historic home in Indianapolis has pocket gutters.  Previous owner roofed over them. I researched the problem of flooding water from the roof line. I found out that before gutters came along, large stones were placed around the foundation of the house.  This sheds the water away from the foundation, and keeps the water from creating a rut around the house.  I put large rocks around my house. it works beautifully.

Can you show a photo?
I have the old gutters on my 1790 home, and they still remain.  But, I did put new gutters on.  It blends really well, and they are guaranteed.  I did need to replace one gutter, similar to the horizontal black to the left of the flag, over the door.  My contractor recreated it by hand to maintain the look of the house.  My original gutters are lined with lead, like above windows, to protect the wood.  The new gutters are black, with white downspouts.
Would love to see a photo of what you need to replace.


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