Installing new fireplaces and chimneys in old spaces.

The old central chimney crumbled and was removed in the 70's.  All that is left, is an arched base in the cellar.  That is crumbly too.  I would like to make use of at least one of the 4 old mantles that now have a big closet behind them.  How would one put in a safe chimney for fireplaces that would house wood stove inserts?  The old post and beam would make excellent, dry kindling, so safety is huge.

I am in southern Maine.  Recommendations on suppliers and installers are welcomed as well.

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Are you talking about using the same space as the old chimney for possibly a new one?


Obviously, I did not see the title. In some new construction all you have is a firebox and a SS tube for the flue, The chimney is just wood frame. In the SW you can buy a Kiva Kit that has a firebox and meshed frame of the kiva. All you do is plaster the frame. So essentially you can make the fireplace look anyway you want. I would bet there are kits out there for more traditional fireplaces or you get someone to make you one. The concept is the same. The fireplace is just a fascade around the firebox and flue. Of course, code requirements prevail.

perhaps i should chat with the code officer.  he may have some good ideas.

Do you plan to install a new marble fireplace mantel? A marble mantel is the safest for fire, and you can customize in your wanted size and style, a arched marble fireplace mantel for your reference:

no, i have the original mantels.  thank you.

what kinds of stones do you work with?  i love stone, but i only make beaded jewelry.  my favorite stones are usually agates.

Ok I see, we work with marble, sandstone, travertine, limestone, granite and any other natural stone, we carve the fireplace, fountain, statue in different stone for home decor and landscape architecture. The beaded jewelry is very elegant for dress decoration. Agates are often carved as Bracelet and rings, very beautiful! As I know, the black agates are most expensive, because very few from nature.

Where are you located Helen? At sometime I may be interested in repairing sandstone trim work on our house:


Hi Bill, Thanks for your attention, We are located in Beijing, China, as a manufacturer and exporter of stone carving, America is our main market, we could ship and delivery your customized stone carving to your address. I just see your pictures, we could carve the sandstone sill for you, and you could send us the size details of the sandstone sill that you need and we will give you the price for your reference. Email: 

And you could have a look our stone carvings:


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