Recently I've been doing some minor repairs in the attic of my 1890s victorian home, and when I pulled up the floor carpet last week I found a beautiful rug that a previous owner had covered up and left! It covers almost the entire room (about 12 ft by 9.5 ft), and I think its linoleum. I'm familiar with cloth rugs and linoleum tiles, but I've never seen a linoleum rug like this before. Is anyone familiar with this style of rug? Is it something I should get appraised or just a neat rug? I must say, it really does brighten up the room :)

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WOW, that is quite a find.  Is the whole rug in good shape?  It looks very interesting but I have no idea of the history. 

Two of the sides have tiny specks of paint on part of the border (whoever painted didn't cover the outside edge of the hardwood floor either = another project) and it does have a small scratch but other than that it looks really nice. No giant stains, holes, missing pieces, etc.

To find these in any condition is always a plus.

Nice discovery!

These were made in many sizes years ago.

Bill Rigby

I have some old ones on the second story of my barn.  Apparently, when they became worn, they had new use in the storage area.  Two rooms in the house had these cut to room size, but not inlaid.  A tenant of mine thought one was asbestos and threw it out.  duh!  The other one wasn't very nice.  It had 2 more layers of vinyl over it.  But, I found some cool 1917 news papers under it.

On first floors, it was not unusual to put newspapers under them for insulation.

I don't know if they are worth anything.  They are probably worth enjoying.

I won't go so far as to say I'd kill for that rug but ,,,,,,,,,,it crossed my mind. There is a market for those!  It's possible to buy new old stock but my bank would laugh at me if I asked for that much money. I once had a web site for them but now they don't carry them any more. I don't know if they ran out or if there wasn't enough call for them. Either way, there are people who would pay you for that. I would! But I couldn't afford it. I don't know how bad shipping would be IF you could roll it up. I'd give it a whirl on Etsy or eBay. Be patient. The right person needs to find it.

Do you know where can I purchase a linoleum rug ?
Thanks for all of the responses! I'm glad you all find this rug as interesting as I do :)

I've been thinking about what I'm going to do with it, and I'm torn. Its a beautiful rug and adds so much to the room (plus its a great conversation piece), but its in such good shape now i'd hate to mess it up. Keeping it under another rug would protect it, but what's the point of having it if I never get to see it? I'd considering selling it, but haven't found an appraiser whose familiar with this style of rug. Decisions, decisions, decisions, lol.

Toni- I'm familiar with ebay, but have never heard of Etsy. What's the difference?

It's a bit more of a specialty site. Prices are set by the person selling.

My carpenter friend saved the piece that was under my kitchen sink but it's so far gone that I don't see any way to display it. I had hoped it could become backsplash covered with plexiglass but it's scruffier looking than I want to see so close to food.

Are you selling your linoleum rug? If so, I am interested to buy it--- or if anyone knows where I can purchase one???
I am planning on selling it, if you're interested just shoot me a message :) I read up on how to safely roll up the rug without the linoleum cracking, and it is possible! The attic renovations will be finished next week (fingers crossed lol) and then I'll have time to start the rug project lol.


  Yes !  I would like to purchase it from you.  What part of the country do you live?

  Thanks- -  Is there a way for us to communicate without posting on the board? Thanks-

Mary Schwendeman

I live in Baltimore, Maryland. Send me an e-mail if you're interested :)


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