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Can anyone help me identify and locate this wallpaper? We recently had water damage from an upstairs leak and are trying to replace. It was put on during a renovation project about 9 years ago.   I would be so grateful!!!

Try a google image search.  Go to -- you will have to save the image first and it can search for the closest images it has available.  I tried it and it came up with tablecloths, but if you play around and indicate that it is wallpaper, you might have some success.  Good Luck!

Thanks so much.  Tried to find on wallpaper, but nothing.  Thanks so much for your reply.  Guess I'm back to square 1.   :(

Often times there's a some leftover wallpaper after a papering job. If you have any lying around, the info about manufacturer and name would be printed on the back of the remaining roll(s)

Thank you, Richard.  I did try this, but there was NOTHING written on the back of what was practically an entire roll!

Hi Sidonie...our company, Old House Interiors, sells new & vintage wallpapers on ebay.We do not have this particular wallpaper.  However, if you are unable to locate it, we do have some patterns that are similar in the color scheme in which you may be interested.  (See a few samples below).


To see additional patterns, please visit this listing on ebay ( and click on Visit Our Store on the right panel.  Good Luck with your search.


Old House Interiors

Thanks, Cathy.  I'll give it a try.  


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