I'm trying to match some moulding but I have no idea where to find it. Any ideas?


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Architectural salvage operators in the region around your house is the only realistic chance to find a match, since lots of people would have bought from the same mills and lumber yards.  Even that is very hard, although since your woodwork is painted, at least you don't have to match wood type and profile.  I had a local mill cut a special knife for their moulder/planer to produce my profiles.  15 years ago that was $100 per inch of profile for that knife.  I had a lot run for a decade or so, but that mill unfortunately has gone out of business, so even that is not a permanent solution.

Thanks for the info.... Was the 100/inch just the height of the trim?

I'll search around, I need a substantial amount for two rooms, 5 doors/windows and 2 large sections for a window and entryway. It's funny, the PO only painted the woodwork in two rooms, the kitchen and dining room, he also for some reason removed most of the caps in those two rooms??, the rest of the house is still dark stained trim.  If i can get close I'll be happy, the paint does help camouflage some differences. 

No, the $100 per inch was only for the part that needed to be cut, if that makes sense.  I believe that it was 2 inches on a 5.5" casing, and they ran it in the center of the board to create the profile.  An equivalent for you would be 1.25", which could then be cut off of a 1" thick board (meaning that you would have to pay for 5/4 board).  Do you actually have any of this off the wall, or did you make your measurements from existing installed trim?  I ask because I would be surprised if the trim is as you drew it, rather I would guess that it is from a thinner board leaving most of the 2.25"x1" corner hollow.  Also, have you gone to a lumber yard to look for trim?  I think that similar profiles might be available off the shelf new.  

That makes sense. I haven't been to a true lumber yard, just the some big box stores so far. 

The piece is solid, I've had a couple off from another room but since reinstalled them. The piece I actually traced from is one that had the back ripped off to stuff it up to the face of the 1x4 rather than on top of it because it was too close to the ceiling.

I did find a similar profile though, looks like it just has an extra bump


If only close, I would at least get a quote at a mill before deciding, especially since you say that you need quite a bit of it.  I try to go for exact matches inside our house but am more willing to go with close on exterior detail that is 20 or 30 feet off the ground. 

good call, I'll see what I can come up with.

Just an update... I found a mill in the area that had the profile. They didn't have enough on hand so I had what I needed run off. Also got enough for future projects. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

I am glad that it worked out for you.  Not only does this help you, but old house owners using local custom mills is what will keep them in business.

Yeah, they were great. Cost a lot less then I thought it would. They told me they had over 1200 profiles they compiled over the years. I'm sure I'll be going back for different stuff in the future.

Nice, your are on your way.  Either have it custom milled or check all the inside of your closets and unused areas of your basement that may have also have the top moulding detail.  Depending on the owner, we remove the top crown from those areas and reinstall in the areas of importance.  Also stay away from water based finishes.  Water base products will not penetrate to give you a dept and also will not stop the wood thru the years from splitting or cracking.  An oil base blend will work wonders.  if you need it water resistant, Tung oil will not do the trick.  One more thing, if you do custom mill a new crown, if the piece is painted, first remove the paint so you get the right dimensions and depth for milling

yours Randall


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