Can anyone tell me where to get a match for this semi-flush mount kitchen light. I think the base was bought from Restoration Hardware but they don't seem to carry it anymore. The existing glass is from an antique fair. The original glass was a larger shallow fluted bell (?) shape.

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Difficult to find a match to most anything no longer being made. Consider buying 2 matching fixtures and then selling this one. There are 37 "pairs" of Antique Flush Mount Lights on Ebay and 371 at right now. Good Luck

Have you considered calling restoration hardware? I've purchased old stock from their floor that way. Occasionally they pull it from a catalog but still have some available. You could also try school house fixtures. It looks like one they might make as well.

Now as to the glass. I purchased a fabulous chandelier from France and two of the globes broke in shipping. I learned then that the likelihood of finding a matching globe is kind of a needle in a haystack thing. It might happen with searches on eBay (for years) or you can send pics to antique lighting dealers....but matching it....that's going to be tough!

I'd personally keep it because it's lovely, and then find a complimentary piece for the other area in the kitchen. Good luck! That shade is gorgeous!

Thanks for the replies.

The wife was able to find the base, after a lot of searching, from Rejuvenation?. ( I think that's the company she told me )

I guess we will probably have to go through a lot of antique stores to find a matching shade.


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