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I'm starting to get to the point on the house where I will start stripping the shingles. The below picture shows some of what I am up against. Some of the shingles are split due to the aluminum siding nails. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to repair these? Or do I need to replace anyone that is split. 

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They actually look fairly intact in the pictures that you post.  To replace, you will have to use nail breakers and possibly damage more in the process.  I would consider just scraping and painting, or in maybe some discrete caulk (never on the bottoms, though). Even with some cracks, they will look great if you prep them well and repaint them. The pros on this board may have better advice.

I wouldn't replace any shingles if they are just split.  A tube of caulk with just a small tip can do a world of wonders.  Just squirt a small amount just in the crack and smooth it out with a disposable brush.  Painting after it is dry will surprise you how it disappears.  Lair

Thanks for the replies everyone. I will be starting the shingles next. I will scrape and see how they look. I bought a bundle of random width shingles to see how much of it I can use. I will have to make the hex pattern for the missing belt course.




I have cut a lot of hex shingles over the year.  Rip them all to the correct uniform width. make a single pattern shingle and then use that to mark your ripped shingles with a pencil.  Then set up a table saw to do those 45 degree cuts over and over to the hex pattern.  pretty fast.  You can use narrow pieces from you bundle cut with only one of the angle cuts to finish courses when a partial shingle is required.


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