I am in the process of trying to restore an old Lane cedar chest that I purchased at a flea market.It appears to have water damage on one end of the chest. On the inside the cedar on that end has mildew/mold. Otherwise the cedar is in great shape. I was afraid to try to use bleach for fear of damaging the cedar. I welcome any other suggestions on how to get rid of it.

Also, it appears to have a build up of coatings on the outside. How can I safely get down to the original surface without damage. According to the s/n it was manufactured in 1965.



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for the mold i think vinegar & hot water would work well without wrecking the cedar? (just lightly sponge the water on and wipe up any puddling that happens that way the cedar wont absorb too much water) and some photos of the chest would help people determine what coatings are on there so you will know how to properly get rid of them! good luck!

Thank you so much for your suggestion. I didn't think about vinegar and hot water. I'll give it a try. Your method sounds safer than bleach. I will take some photo's and share.

Concrobium Mold removal spray - is what I used and found many positive reviews on a forum.  It is sold in Home Depot.

Thank you Ken I will look for it at Home Depot. I didn't know they made something in a Spray that would take care of the problem. As of yet I'm stalled on the project I want to be able to open the garage door when I do this and the weather has not made that possible yet.


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