I am stripping paint off several old cast iron radiators (with a gorgeous scoll patter on the fins) and I want  to leave the finish "natural", just rubbed with oil to prevent the iron from getting a light coat of rust.  Last time I did this I used Penetrol to oil the radiators.  They came out great (and still look great 8 years later), but they gave off an oily smell the first few years when the heat came on in the fall.  I would like to get the same great look with out the start-of-season smell/off-gassing.  I'm looking for recommendations of other ways to "oil" my radiators that will have a similar look but without the smell.   Several people have suggested gun oil.  One has suggested boiled linseed oil.  But none have actually used them on a radiator.  I would be grateful to hear what you have tried and how it turned out.


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I don't know about gun oil but if you use linseed oil they will sticky for a long time.  I know someone that stripped and oiled his hinges with A-1 oil.  they looked great but not sure how often you would need to apply the oil again.

agree with Lair gun oil, also olive oil, really any cooking oil.  I would run some tests and heat up several types of oils on the stove and choose the one that smells the best or least.  


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