Can you answer a question about an old home? If not could you recommend someone who can help?
This is a house that was built in 1935. It has the stone foundation. What is the cement between the floor joists up against the rim joist for? Is it okay to remove this in order to get a better seal when adding spray foam to the rim joist? Does this cement hold the building in place? I had an energy audit and was told I need to have the rim joist sealed but that it will not seal
well with this cement. I will try to attached a picture.

Thank you for any advice,


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Looks like rubble to fill the gap. What is on the other side?

Sealing the rim joists is to prevent the cool/cold air from under the house to travel up the walls. If this is a basement, sealing that rubble may OK, depending on how that is connected to the outside wall/ground etc.

From your post:

"I should have also wrote that there is a rim joist behind the rubble. There are some sections that are not filled in. Also in this area, northern USA (Minneapolis Minnesota) it is common to see this in the old homes with stone foundations.  "

We recently went through this, but we did not have the rubble issue. Our house is built on stone about 4' above ground. That said we discussed the rim joist insulation issue and we ended up packing it with fiberglass insulation vs the foam. We did the foam in the attic.

We thought of foaming the basement ceiling, but our insulation contractor did not feel comfortable doing so as the foam may come up through the cracks/spaces of the ground floor wood flooring. We can see light from the basement in some places where the floor is most "antiqued" as in the kitchen.

But, I have see where foam is used in the rim joists. I think your contractor should advise the best course of action.

 I know this was posted over four years ago but I have the same situation in a 1905 house.  Did you remove all the stone along the rim joists to seal them up?  What did you do to seal them?  the floors in our house are cold along the rim joists.



Yes I removed the rubble, then I had a spray foam company come in and seal. It did make a difference but not huge. Spray foam was about  $1,000


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