I am working on repairing and restringing the window weights on all the windows in my house that was built around 1910.  I have 7 windows in my living room and 6 of them have pulleys for window weights.  One window doesn't have any pulleys.  It doesn't even have holes where the pulleys should go.  It also appears to be exactly the same in age and style as the other 6 windows.  Should I get some pulleys at the salvage place and cut holes to match the other windows?  I'm guessing that will make the window work better.  And does anyone know why this window wouldn't have the pulleys to begin with?

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Curious... windows in that era were typically factory made so why would this one be different.   Perhaps no room for a weight pocket for some reason?   would start by carefully removing the interior trim to see if there is some reason why a pulley/weight will not work before cutting holes.  You will need to get the weights in there in any case. Many times there is a panel on the sides of the window (painted with a zillion coats of paint) to access the sash weight pocket without removing trim.

Does the window operate in other respects?  does it have a lock and screen?

A cheap fix is to use a stop stick or pins to hold it open.

If there's no room for weights, you could use these :  https://www.pullmanmfg.com/

my house has Windows with sash pins, but several windows on the first floor have weights and pulleys. Due to insulation being in the weight pockets, I used the Pullman pulleys with great success. Maybe the window only had one weight, which would be odd, but who knows. You could always use one weight and a stick if needed. I'm glad you kept your windows, too many people rip out the old ones.



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