Purchased a cute 1920 bungalow that has wallpaper over plaster in every room. For the most part it's in great shape with several coats of paint over the wallpaper. I'm not up for removing it so going to paint over it. The problem in my dining room is a few very stiff bubbles about 6 inches long. I need suggestions how to reattach it or possibly cut the bubbles out and skim coat over it. Any ideas would be great!

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I would love to tell you there is a quick trick to take care of your problem.  There is not.  I have redone over 40 houses and have tried every short cut.  The results were always the same.  An awful looking wall that you will always wish you had stripped and done it right.  Just go in and do one room at a time.  Score the wallpaper, take a razor scraper to it, then get out your spray bottle of water and work away.  You will not be sorry for doing it the right way .

I agree it would be best to remove it. I've down sized from a 3500 sq foot house to a small bungalow to retire. Removing the wallpaper is not an option at this point in my life. Would prefer to fix the bubbles if possible.

Dee, you and I have a lot in common.  I moved from a 4,300 down to just over 1000.  It is also wallpapered.  I had planned on removing the wall paper but once I got the house I discovered the wall paper is over cheap paneling.  Only option is remove paneling and drywall.  No budget for that so I sponge painted the walls.  I sprayed the walls with flat varnish and then sponge painted the walls with paint mixed with a small amount of drywall mud.  the paint is for color and the mud helps cover the seams.  Turned out just fine with enough pictures on the walls.

Hi Dee.  I have no suggestions on how to remove the bubbles, but I'll just tell you that my mother hired some guys recently to skim coat over old wallpaper in her 1902 home.  The results looked perfect. :)

Thank you all for the replies on my wallpaper ordeal. I'd give my dining room and ok now that it's finished. Doesn't look perfect but not horrible.


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