We just bought a 1900 house.  It has this paneling on every wall.  I was wondering if anyone knew which era this belongs to?  It is a textured paneling that is almost like there was plaster or something on it and then a putty knife was drawn down it, leaving a bump at the end. It is standard 8 x 4 sheets but I am not too crazy about it.  There is plaster and lathe under it and I would like it gone.  But don't want to take it down if it is somewhat contemporaneous to the building of the house.  

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This looks like a 1950s or so remodel. It's definitely not circa 1900and honestly, it's pretty hideous. Paneling was usually put up as an easy fix to cracking plaster or you might find holes. I took down a wall of paneling in my house and found cracks and holes which I repaired. One warning, paneling is sometimes glued and the plaster will come off with it like it did in my pantry, or you might get lucky and it's just nailed up like the wall in my living room. Either way, take it down, fix the plaster, and don't look back. You'll be happy you did.


This looks like the stuff I had in a house I owned way back when.  The house had been moved in the late 60's and the walls paneled to cover moving cracks.  I pulled off the paneling and repaired the plaster.  The stuff is ugly now and I am sure it was when they put it on.  I bet the best thing about it was the low price.


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