Wood Pros- Help requested!  This writer is possessed of an 1860's Cape style house, modified in 1889 to become an "I" house which it remains. I am remodeling the "Saturday Night Fever" redecorations{Z-brick etc} in the dining room. In the doing of I found the original Hackmatack Pine Timbers, I think I have the pine type correct. They were covered with 1in & 1/2 thick plywood, and then Masonite and plastic wallpaper! I wish to leave them exposed. Aside from sanding them to get the roughness out{hints there please} what is the best, most successful method of cleaning them down, to get the dirt, coal furnace residue &tc off them. I was going to use turpentine made from pine tree resins; but I thought I'd ask the pros first. While I am here, any tips on non-petro chemical finishes?  I Do Not want polyurethane on them!

 Thank you- all ideas happily received.

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I would contact Real Antique Wood. I worked with them to install my salavaged pine floors and they know a lot about old wood.

Thank You, now I have a 'lead' to chase!

Signed the "Front Door Fanatick"


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