Please help me identify this big beautiful lady.  She is hand painted with quite a bit of crazing on the china.  Arms are brass, similar to what is on my gas lamp in my 1885 Victorian house.It is very large, probably extends down 2 feet.  What time/ style does this evoke?  Would this go better in the 1885 Victorian or a 1910 Neo Colonial Revival?

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I have to be honest, I don't think it's that old. Looks very 1970's to me. As far as belonging in a Victorian or a Colonial Revival, I'd have to say neither. If you like it, by all means keep it, but it doesn't look period appropriate if that's what you're going for.


I agree, the similar ones I found on google images were ID'ed as Italian 1970's.


I remember installing several fixtures that look like that back in the 80's.  They came right out of the box with crackle paint and all.  Very nice looking but not the period you are going for, not saying you can't use it.  Certainly would work for a lot of areas in an old home.  If you are going for a museum look that's another story.

The shades and shade fitters are definitely modern, but the arms look potentially original gas.  Fake gas keys usually are less realistic looking than these.  

Thanks for all the help!  Whether old or not, at least I only gave $20 for it :).  It seems older than 70s to me, but may have been a good reproduction then? Painting on it was definitely done by hand.  We are a couple weeks away from being ready for lights, so I am leaving it at home on my bedroom dresser to consider until then.


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