Thanks in advance for any input you all can give me. My house was built around 1927 but for me, I dont see what type of home it falls into. It looks kind of like a kit home but it's not. Where I live in Michigan there are many kit homes but I asked the realtor and inspector when I bought it and both said it is not one. It has all the original wood frames for the windows although someone did install newer vinyl windows. The doorways are coved. At some point someone put in popcorn ceilings in the living room and bedrooms (yuck). Original front door and all doors have original hardware. My goal (it's a big one) is to strip the white paint off all the interior doors, trim and baseboards. Is it worth it to put in wood windows? Also, any input on what it would have looked like inside or outside would be wonderful. I have scoured the resources at the library and havent come up with anything from their historic data for it. Again, thanks anyone who can help me paint a picture of what it looked like originally. Pictures are from before I bought it but still pretty much the same, just interior paint changed.

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Are there any other pics you could share that include key elements of the home?  Woodwork, windows, anything untouched by time would be helpful in trying to identify.   Is your home on the national register of historic places?  If so, I know lots of time they'll identify what type of home you have.  

Well all the doorways from dining room, kitchen, living room are coved. The doors have the original hardware. I'll attach a picture. But the realtor listing said it was built in 1927. My main question is what would it have looked like when original so I can work to get it back to that. All the woodwork in home (trim and doors) have been painted white. Is it worth it to strip that wood to original or buy new and stain it? What color would the fireplace have been? Any input on these ite.s would be helpful. One room still has original windows with working pulleys. Keep those or upgrade to new wood double hinges? Thanks!



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