I have what someone once told me are Anderson redwood storm windows and screens for my 1906 Georgian colonial. They are not the original storms but I would guess are at least 60 years old.  They are installed from the inside of the house, fitting into ingenious grooves with a screw that is stopped by a kind of staple.  The upper storms are painted in.  For the most part, they are in good shape (just repainted on the outside) and are fairly efficient, but the unpainted interior is showing signs of distress.  I would like to use some kind of penetrating oil and wondered if anyone had suggestions.  I tried some Watco teak oil on one.  It says to use on dense woods, and I'm not sure redwood is that.  I read some good things about Watco exterior oil and wonder if that would be better.  I can't seem to find a retailer here who stocks it, but can order it online. 


Any suggestions?   Thanks.



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Thanks--I didn't think it was near as dense as the "dense" woods.  What I've decided after research is to use a polymerized teak oil sealer from a company in Vermont called Sutherland Welles.  All I need is a little time before the snow flies!



I don't know much about redwood but I'll keep Sutherland in mind for my other woods. Thanks for the contact.


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