Random screech-like sounds in walls - Not an animal though


I'm new to this forum. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. I've had this noise in my house, seems to be coming from only one section of the house, but I can't pinpoint where exactly. I live in a 1978 town house. 2 story. The noise is coming from the wall, maybe the floor above. I can't tell. It sounds like a chair is being dragged on the floor. Imagine when you get up from a chair and push it back and there is that echo from the screeching on the floor. Last night I recorded multiple sounds of it so that I can attach it here. Attached are three different times it made the sound within an hour. 

Sometimes the sound is louder and longer, other times it's lighter and short. Last night I could hear things moving around prior to the sound. I have an idea of what it might be, but curious if anyone can tell me and also what would need to be done to stop it. I can hear it most from the first floor, but from second as well. Sometimes I even hear the noise followed by a louder one that comes to a halt sternly. I have even heard it followed by a sound of something dropping, like a nail. Odd. 

PS my A/c nor heater was on last night. It was 50's-60's most of the day. Please let me know what other info you may need, but recordings are below.

Noise happens in first audio clip at approx 7-8 seconds into it. 

Noise happens in second clip at approx 5 seconds into it.

Noise happens in third clip at approx 3 seconds into it. This one is subtle to show they're not all the same.

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two possibilities,  if you have steam radiator heating, their could be air in your pipes, or your house is haunted and saying Hello and trying to tell you something.  Check out the area for repairs.  Always listen to ones old house they do try to guide us.  I been restoring historic homes for over 45 years and still going strong.  

Yours Randall

Does it happen only at night? When I was a kid we owned a cinder block home and bats would get into the block and get stuck.
We didn't have any central heat or a.c. (not even electricity) so I do believe that it was bats as my father said.
Although Randall, haunting could jave been the source. The home was originally the village funeral parlor/morgue.


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