My grandfather gifted me his old house as my wedding gift. It's an old house which is about 100 years old. I'm planning to shift into that house after my marriage. Since its an old house, It needs some renovation. The windows and doors need to be replaced and some remodeling is needed for roofing also. I've contacted this window installation company in Toronto. They assured to replace the old windows and doors without losing its traditional look. Is there anything that has to be specifically considered while doing this?

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I assume that this is a spam post (in which case moderators, can you please remove it), but if not, please read this site carefully to realize that replacing windows and doors is a bad idea.  I highly recommend this site.  It is invaluable.  He explains why replacing the windows have to be done a certain way or you literally lose the visual of the home.  The windows are the soul of the home.  If you have questions he will answer emails.  His section on windows is right on the website, but if you have trouble finding it just call or email him.  He is a treasure.  I have a hundred year old home and with double hung windows that have been painted over and lost their weights. I am refurbishing them and adding storm windows so they don't lose their visual value, but I can make them more efficient.  By the way, he also explains how window sales people will tell you how much you save by replacing them....but do you really???  It would be worth your time to take a peak at this amazing site.    


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