Does anyone know an effective and easy way to remove old glued down carpet? This ugly carpet is over the basement concrete floor.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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I'm not too sure. I saw our contractors using what looked like the shovels that are normally used to remove shingles to pull off the linoleum squares from the hardwood floor underneath. Not sure if it would work for carpet, though. Good luck!
Thanks Red Queen but I can't even pull any of the carpet corners up! It is old indoor outdoor carpeting. Prior to buying this old house, mold was detected so a mold remediation took place which in one room, that old carpet was removed. To our dismay, on the final walk through found they left all of the old glue on the concrete in that basement room. How to get that off too?? I did try to cut through that carpet but unable to!
Try this company's products: I used their mastic remover to salvage quite a bit of old ceramic tile, and it worked great.
Aside from chemical solutions...

At my Ace Hardware I saw a set of heavy duty scraper blades that attach to a Sawzall made exactly for your kind of job.
The Eco-strip's Speedheater Infrared Paint Remover is used to loosen old vinyl tiling for removal. Then folks heat up the residual glue and scrap it off. Maybe this low heat device would work on rugs, too.
If it gets hot enough to soften vinyl tile & glue, it will most likely melt or set the thin carpet fibers on fire.

I didn't say to use the Speedheater to soften adhesive holding down CARPET on concrete. I haven't tested it for that. It does work well to get the glue off concrete whether the old tile is still on or not.

The person asking the original question wants to know how to remove carpet from concrete, and this was part of your response:

Reply by Catherine Brooks on March 18, 2011 at 2:41pm

Maybe this low heat device would work on rugs, too.

Catherine sells her product on many message boards about old houses. I find this annoying.

Thank-you.  Being a spammer certainly explains her confused and conflicting response, which by her own admission, was totally irrelevant to the original question.


Reply by K&A Cameron on Wednesday

Catherine sells her product on many message boards about old houses. I find this annoying.

What are you planning after removing the carpet? Installing a new carpet or planning to leave concrete bare?  If installing new one then cut the carpet into strips & pull off.

Adhesive removers will have an effect on the bond of whatever you try to install next. Avoid adhesive removers to avoid flooring failures. 

SUPER CAUTION:  Please ventilate well !!!!!  Blow a fan!  Wear a chemical mask!  Beware of fumes from heating adhesives! 


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