I thought this might be useful to someone. When my dog chewed into and spilled a bottle of hydrogen peroxide on the floor with a 30 year old clear polyurethane finish, it completely removed it down to bare wood. I am not sure how long it sat on the floor but no more than 10 hours.  I wonder if this would be useful in refinishing a small area maybe using vaseline to protect adjacent boards. It would bleach the wood I imagine, but sanding removes the patina also.


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Tried it and did not have the same results you had.  In fact I had no results.  I tried drug store peroxide and then I tried 20 volume peroxide with the same results.

Lair, was your poly oil or water-based poly?  If yours isn't oil, that might make the difference.  Mimi's poly was 30 years old and thus almost certainly oil.  


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