Hey everyone.  I'm restoring an old farmhouse and am investigating cast iron radiators.  I've seen several sources for refurbished originals but am wondering if anyone has a source in the US (to save on shipping) for reproduction cast iron radiators.  All of my searches so far have produced links outside the US.  Thanks in advance.

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Hi Chris,

First off good luck with your farm house. As to radiators I have purchased several old/used  ones from salvage

places in Central NY. The trick is to lead test them before intalling them which is easy to do.  There are lots of them around, one in Rochester called Old house parts, Ithica has one called Significant Elements.  There used to be one in Homer NY my town but he is now at the Ithica place.

There is a big place in Conn. called United House Wrecking.  All of these have web sites you can check out. 

Good luck.





Charlie J


All the reproduction radiators I've seen are plain and ugly.  Not like the original victorian ones.  If you are missing any radiators, why not try salvage places that have refurbished the originals.  Two companies that have wonderful webpages are Radical Radiator Restorations and antiqueplumbingandradiators.com.  I have a plumbing company here in Cleveland, Ohio, that stills sells old radiators that were removed from now demolished homes in the area.  They have a warehouse full of them.  I bought several a few years ago, cheap, just to make my home look original.  No way I can hook them up though, since I have new furnaces and central air.


What is the name of the plumbing company in Cleveland?

Menyhart Plumbing & Heating, 6304 Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44102, telephone #216-631-5519.  If you call on Thursday or Friday mornings ask for Emery.

Depends on the part of the country you live.  Near Chicago, there are quite a few architectural salvage places.


You can probably get a few REALLY cheap by visiting the piles at your local scrap metal yard.  They'll know these are valuable to you but on the other hand, these are untested and need some clean-up... plus they only paid scrap prices to send them to the steel mills.


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