I was wondering if anyone knew if there were grants or rebates on restoring old homes?

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depending on your state, many of them offer historic rehabilitation tax credits, in addition to the federal tax credits. But that's about the extent of financial assistance for personal home restoration...
11/29/08 Update:

Many states, cities and towns have grant programs for homeowners. For example:

South Dakota's Deadwood Fund Grant Program, matching dollar grants to homeowners:

Boston's Historic HomeWorks
(not related to my own John Leeke's HistoricHomeWorks)

Also there is the $4,000 window restoration grant from the city of Aurora, IL, a preservation program to assist with exterior renovations.

Contact your state, county, or city housing authority or historic preservation office.

Here's a link to some funding sources at my discussion Forum:

John Leeke
Another avenue for financial assistance may be in energy saving retrofit grants. In Canada we have a federal program for rebates on energy saving retrofits like attic insulation and energy efficient heating systems. Some provinces match the federal rebate so you get 2 for 1. Not purely restoration stuff but every dollar helps and many old houses take a lot to heat and cool them so you save money down the road too. Some of the rebates items include upgrade doors and windows which may not be palatable in a restoration but we can pick and choose in our rebate program. Maybe there is an equivalent in your state?

Cheers, Andy
Here's another:

Lee County Historic Preservation Grant Assistance Program

Owners of older buildings in unincorporated Lee County, Florida, grants for their historic structures. The program has $50,000 in grant money for the 2008-09 funding cycle.



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