I am uncovering logs from early 1800's and need to figure out the best way to clean them

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Sorry....a log house, just the interior

That's a tough one.   Get a good brush on your vacuum and use that.  My fiance has a log cabin.  It really is the best way to clean logs.  Just vacuum them.

a corn broom used to sweep and a vacuum as mentioned above.  If you dob with lime and sand mixture be careful and ware good full rubber gloves to protect your hands.  The lime mix or bucket of lime water rinse will slowly burn your skin

Thanks. I am just doing the interior part so no chinking will be put back in unless I do a mortar and stone on the lowest layer of logs. How do you get a picture to post btw?

 a bit of trivia, although chinking is the commonly used term, I learned thru the historic state fund, that the term dobbing is the correct term.  The fund shared that chinking is the scrapes place between the logs to hold the dobbing in place.

 I never took a picture of the interior.

 how did I post this picture, there is horizontal icons above.  The second icon is for photos that will help you step by step.

Yours Randall



Well I got it to post in photos anyway. I am guessing the house to be from about 1820's or 30's but haven't tracked the deeds all the way back past 1860. I found 2 dead bats and a massive hornet nest in the logs. I was going to try using a wire wheel to remove some of the dirt too

Those are hand hewn logs.  Don't use a wire brush - you'll crape the wood. 
I have a log home - I know how to care for them. 

Pamela's right. If a wire brush is in your future, use a brass wire brush. I would do a few tests first.
I am using a regular scrub brush and water after vacuuming thoroughly. Lots of work but the logs are in great shape for being so old

remember, water is the enemy.  I wouldn't go any further with water.  especially in the inside.  those logs don't look sealed, and they wouldn't be on the inside.  be very careful when it comes to water and wood.

Here are a few pics

Hi.  I'm late to the discussion,  but we rebuilt two old log homes,  and I cleaned them with deck cleaner/ brightener (oxalic acid formulas) I'd wet them first,  then slather on the cleaner, (Used a big natural stain brush) let sit for a few minutes,  then re-wet with cleaner and scrub with a non metal scrub brush.  Then wash off, with a bucket of warm water and coarse towel rags; and this is where you see the real difference. Works like a miracle.  I did this for both the inside and exterior. You can see the clean beams in the background,  and the ones I was working on in front.



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