We have an 1890s Victorian. We are looking at options to replace the wooden storm windows with something that gives us more function. Plus, several of them are rotting or were missing. Is there anything out there that works well? I'd like to have a full screen and two storms that are adjustable so we can utilize the windows that move top down and bottom up. I checked into having a wooden storm built (Adams Architectural Millwork, Dubuque, IA), but that costs about $400 per unit. That's not in our price range. All the merchants in this area sell Larson windows. Does anyone have any resources for me to check? Thanks.  

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Most aluminum storm windows have only half screens.  You could consider buying just a couple of the Adams windows for a few key windows to see how they work.  We rarely open more than one window per room anyway, so I only keep screens on some windows at our house.  Depends on climate (and if you have AC at all), of course.

I'm not sure about your talents but would like to point out screens are not difficult to make yourself.  All you need is some top quality wood and a couple inexpensive tools. A router would be the most pricey tool.  There would be lots of uses for that down the line if you get one. If you can't do it yourself  I would look for look for someone who works in construction and wants some extra work on rainy days. ( HI neighbor, I live in Farley, IA, just west of Dubuque)  

stabilize the existing wooden screens with titebond 3 and clamp or repair as necessary.  Than turn the frames around so you can access the glass or screens from the inside, than put the glass into c channel frame, than take some nylon clips and secure.  if the screens are true divided frames you can now open the window loosen the clips and remove the glass or screens.  remember to label which inserts go with which storm.  


Randall Marder

R.M. Design and Const.  

Here's a link to a diagram that shows how to make them if you're so inclined. 


I installed several wooden Marvin windows on several three-story locations on my 1890s Victorian. Each permanent storm includes a bottom screen and top and bottom panes of glass. When painted, these look very nice on a old house. You can probably find metal-clad storms but I prefer to be able to paint the windows. It's not a full screen but just half.


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