I have had a plan in the back of my mind to switch out my kitchen window with my back porch window.  And with leftover derecho insurance money it might actually be doable next year.  The kitchen window is falling apart and there is alot of water damage which will necessitate replacing framing and siding around and underneath the window but the back porch window is in good shape.  Is it feasible to try and switch them out or should I buy a nice wooden replacement window?.  The windows look to be the same size and are both original double hung 2 over 2s. 

Amanda (WV)

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If they are the same size, it is certainly doable...you wouldn't even have to alter the framing, just remove the weights and switch them over.  You will need to remove the stop molding on one side to remove the lower sashes, and the parting bead on one side to remove the uppers.

Consider wood epoxy to repair the kitchen framing--a consolidant to firm up the softer wood, and filler to smooth out the surface and fill cracks or holes.  That is easier than trying to remove and put in new framing.

Of course, you should identify where the leak is coming from and fix that at the same time. :)

We got vinyl replacement windows for our house recently. Vinyl is much more durable than wood and practically requires no maintenance. Just a suggestion, I believe you should get a brand new window for your kitchen, whether wood or vinyl. But before you do that, find and fix whatever's causing the water damage in your kitchen!

Vinyl windows are crap and will need replacement if a very few years. to the OP please either repair of swap the windows but DON'T replace with vinyl. Try John Leekes Historic Homeworks site for everything about restoring windows.


     Not to worry.  I will not be replacing what's there with a vinyl window.  I'll either switch out it out with the back porch window or order a wooden replacment window.  Love the wooden replacement windows I ordered for the living room.  Just not the bill :(


Amanda (WV)

I agree, 8 of the 12 double hung windows on my 1945 cottage had already been replaced with vinyl windows before I bought the house. several of them have broken seals between the panes, causing fogging, they also leak more air than a properly hung and maintained wood window w/ stormThe old wood windows are also more easily repaired if a pane is broken.....



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