The original stain leaded glass Koi pond lantern at the Gamble House Museum

I found a picture that I took during my days preserving the Gamble House Museum, under the direction of Randel Makinson.  As you can see in the picture, the Koi pond had not been in used years.  The Greene and Greene lantern, shown on the brick pedestal, was missing one panel.  We were commission to make an exact duplicate.  After matching the glass, the foil was applied.  Than we took exacto knives and craved the foil to match,  We hand dripped the solder, using an standard pistol iron. After final detailing the drips, we than proceeded to age the glass  We salted and baked the glass to a perfect match..Over the years the original  glass panels aged due to the morning misty salty air, blowing in from the ocean.

My first visit to the house was by invitation, by Randel.  A little back story, back in the late 70s the house had hardly been touched, other than basic maintenance.  The teak front door system was black from years of watering down the front patio by the gardener, rain and severe smog damage,  The teak screen doors had deep black stains caused by pure brass screens and years of rain.  The old brass screen were torn and stretch out of shape, so Randel had them replaced with new.  Unfortunately and to all our shock, the installer used an air gun and staples.  That resulted in all of the teak screen moldings being blasted in to pieces.  The door also had been damage by the stables. I loaded them all up in back of my truck and drove them to our home workshop in Santa Monica.  We had to do a lot of research before any work proceeded.  First step was finding the right teak wood to match.

I was told by an historian and Greene and Greene author about 8 years ago that our work at the Gamble house is considered the lost years.  I was given the opportunity to preserve this house, other G & G homes and furniture over an 13 year period .  Hope you enjoyed a short story about one of the amazing homes ever built,   

One more quick note  I wish to share, when I first walk into the house you could feel a deep spiritual presence. The house spoke to me and I listened   That gave me a deep connection and the inspiration to strive for perfection.     Enjoy the picture

Please note the picture is copyrighted to R.M. Design and Construction 2017.  

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Interesting story.  Thanks for sharing it.

Glad you enjoyed my tale, its time to share.  I have a lot of stories to share.  Although writing is not one of my expertise, its important all stories shared are accurate and not embellished.  




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