Does anyone know where to get porch boards in a 3 3/8 X 5/8 thick size?   I have a 1903 Queen Anne Victorian that needs some replaced.  Appears to be an odd size for now although all the Victorians around my town, which is close to Augusta and Atlanta Georgia has this type of board. 

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Your local historic Preservation society should have a list of resources, in this instance, a millwork shop that can replicate moldings. If any has been replicated in the past, the mill will have the matching cutter to make your area's typical shape.

I'm assuming you mean ceiling boards? Never ran across 5/8 myself.


Thanks...I live in a small town but I will check with other towns.  As I said I'm pretty sure all the Victorians around here have the same thing.  I thought I had someone and after waiting for a long time for them to get their shop ready they said they didn't have the right knives and might do it if I would pay for the knives AND let them keep them.  I don't need >200 feet so that doesn't give them a lot of incentive.  If worst comes to worst I guess we can have non T & G custom made in that size but hate to do that. 


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